Final Project- MOVIE POSTER(s)


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Final Project- MOVIE POSTER(s)

  1. 1. FINAL PROJECTMOVIE POSTER(s)Your assignment is to create 3 different movie poster designs for a movie of yourchoice. You may chose any movie from any time period as long as it is an actualmovie and not an imaginary film, novel, or something other than a movie. Televisionshows are not movies, for example.The three poster designs must be completed and are not “drafts” but finished works.Each must express a different idea and illustrate the content of the film in a differentway. They must also seem stylistically diverse.
  2. 2. 1 Poster must utilize a photograph(s) that you have taken and then integrated intothe design.1 Poster must utilize a 2-d artwork you have made and scanned and then integratedinto the design.1 Poster must be generated entirely from within the computer.You must document your working process by creating a tumblr. I will assist you inthis.Once you have created a tumblr you must post all exisiting versions of the poster forthe movie you have chosen so that we can see your work is original and not ablatant rip-off of another artist.You must also post periodic drafts of your three designs so that we can see theprogress of your work.OBJECTIVES:A successful movie poster will utilize all of the design principles effectively. It will bevisually engaging and have visual unity. You must create a balance betweenrepetition and variety and think about the effect of color, directional forces, visualbalance, and all of the things that we have studied.Please chose an appropriate font for your works. All too often a doofy font can ruin aposter- we are not making advertisements for the afterschool Drama Club forexample.Think about distilling the ideas of the movie into an essential idea that can berepresented simply. Remember you need a visual hook. Simplicity works better thancomplexity-this is not an artwork or painted version of the project. A poster must begraphic and simple and have an immediate appeal otherwise people will quicklymove on.Each poster will be worth 100 points. This project will be worth 300 points total.Each poster will be 11”x14” or 11”x17”. They must all be vertical in format. We willprint them out on nice paper and mount them all to matt board with rubber cement.