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Drawing 2/Life Drawing Syllabus


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Drawing 2/Life Drawing Syllabus

  1. 1. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Course Template Date - July 2013 1 General Class and Course Information Course Number: ART1301C Course Title: Drawing2 Term/Dates: Spring2017 1/05/2017- 5/08/2017 Reference Number: 222833 CreditHours: 3 Clock Hours: 64 Days: M Time: 2:00-5:30 pm Room: BB-109 Course Description:This isan introductorycoursesinfigure drawinginwhichthe studentstudiesskeletal drawingand the muscularcompositionof the humanform.Inaddition,full colorfigure drawingsinavarietyof mediumsuchas Portraitstudiesare alsoexplored.Drawingsexhibitthe designconceptslearnedinART1300C. Studentsdevelop sensitivitytothe page compositionandabilitytoemploythe use of negativespace. Professor’s Information Name: Jacquesde Beaufort Office Location: AA 107 Telephone:561-207-5374 Email: Faculty WebPage: Office Hours: tba Information on REQUIRED Textbooks: Course Learning Outcomes:As a resultof taking this course, the student will be able to: Your mainobjective istodevelopafluentandconvincingabilitytorepresent advanced still-lifes,the humanformand othersubjectsindrawingmediafromdirectobservation.Youwill be expectedtoproduce compositionallysolidand pictorial engagingworksthatdemonstrate anawarenessof fundamental designconcepts.Furtherobjectivesinclude investigationof reflection,refraction,draperies,folds,narrative still-life, moodandlightingeffects. Variousdrawing mediaandprocesses includinginkandcharcoal will alsobe explored. Areasof technical fluency withregardstothe humanfigure include: Symmetry:The bodydemonstratesconsistentsymmetrydespite apose thatmight be oblique ,dynamic,asymmetrical, or foreshortened. Proportionality:The bodydemonstratessolidproportional logichands,heads,legs,feet,torso,all seemunifiedand belongingtothe same figure. Composition:Yourcompositionisstructuredtocreate unity-itseemsintentionalandwell balancedratherthanhap- hazard andaccidental.The figure iswell situatedwithinthe rectangle/square andall space isunified. Chiaroscuro:Youare able to use lightanddark value (highlightandshadow) tocreate the illusionof volume andform. Additionally,youare able toaccuratelyindicate anunderstandingof humananatomyandmuscle throughthe careful observationof the model andrenderthisaccurately Craft: Your workedisfinishedandshowsattentiontodetail andsurface.There are nounfinishedspots,andyourforms are well blendedandthe paintapplicationiseven. Space:Your work showsanunderstandingof the space andcontextthat surroundsthe figure andyouare able to provide aconvincingwindowintothe perceivedreality. Foreshortening:Youcan showthe bodyconvincinglyfromavarietyof anglesincludingobliqueandforeshortenedpoints of view. as listedincourse outline:
  2. 2. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 2 Translate visual stimuliintotwo-dimensional patternrelativetosize andshape. Produce effective total designof page byusingvariousdegreesof close upviews. Produce drawingshowing3Dformof figure andfacial features. Produce drawingshowingconvincingspace forfigure toexist. Use differentillusionsof space. Demonstrate effectiveuse of media. Discusspresentation. Produce a portfolioof anatomical drawingstoshow knowledgeandunderstandingof the figure. Full Course Outline - Clickon the followinglink: Course Outlines andenterthe course number(nospace betweenthe prefix andthe number). Class Information COURSE DESCRIPTION Drawing2 isdesignedtogive studentsan intensiveopportunitytoexplore anddeveloptheirunderstandingof IntermediateDrawingtechniques,the humanfigure andvariouslife-drawingmethods.Workingfromlive modelsrather than photographicmaterialsfurnishesstudentswithaunique opportunitytoexplore the figure throughthe depthof observational experience.Regardlessof the directionyoumaytake yourown artisticvision,Drawing2will providean essential andfundamental experience andwillfurtherenrichthe arsenal of technical fluenciesthatyoubringtoyour artwork. PROJECTS: INTERMEDIATE STILL LIFE: fabricand foldstudy, chiaroscuro,andlocal value charcoal ontonedpaper REFRACTION AND REFLECTION pencil NARRATIVE STILL LIFE: mood,lighting,meaning,plastercasts charcoal INTERIOR SPACE twopointperspective,layout,proportion ink
  3. 3. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 3 GESTURE SKETCH humanfigure, anatomy charcoal THE FIGUREAND LIGHT value,chiaroscuro,anatomy,foreshortening PORTRAIT BASICS Facial Features,Proportion,Expression,Hands EXTENDED POSE Integration:Figure,Space,Fabric,Hands,Proportion,Layout,Foreshortening,Fabric,Light Academic Dishonesty Policy and Penalty for Violation: Academicdishonestywill notbe tolerated.Anystudentwhocommitsacademicdishonestywill receiveagrade of zero for the assignmentortest.A secondinstance of cheatingwill culminate inastudentbeinggivenanFor failure forthe class.Instructors may alsopursue disciplinaryactioninaccordance withthe StudentHandbook.Academicdishonesty includesthe followingactions,aswell asothersimilarconductaimedatmakingfalse representationwithrespecttothe student’sacademicperformance: (1)cheatingonan exam, (2)collaboratingwithothersonworkto be presented,if contrarytothe statedrulesof the course, (3)submitting,if contrarytothe rulesof the course,workpreviouslysubmittedinanothercourse, knowinglyandintentionally assistinganotherstudentinanyof the above actions,includingassistance inan arrangementwherebywork,classroomperformance,examination,orotheractivityissubmittedorperformedbya personotherthanthe studentunderwhose name the workissubmittedorperformed Academicdishonestyincludesthe followingactions,aswell asothersimilarconductaimedatmakingfalse representationwithrespecttothe student’sacademicperformance: (4)cheatingonan exam, (5)collaboratingwithothersonwork to be presented,if contrarytothe statedrulesof the course, (6)submitting,if contrarytothe rulesof the course,workpreviouslysubmittedinanothercourse, (7)knowinglyandintentionallyassistinganotherstudentinanyof the above actions,includingassistance inan arrangementwherebywork,classroomperformance,examination,orotheractivityissubmittedorperformedbya personotherthat the studentunderwhose name the workissubmittedorperformed, (8)plagiarism. Please refertothe Palm BeachCommunityCollege StudentHandbookforfurtherinformation. . Assignments, Tests, Quizzes and Final Exam Schedule, with percentage/points of grade: METHODS OF INSTRUCTION Fundamental Techniques Duringclass,we will discussthe fundamental techniquesaslistedinthe course objectives. Demonstrationswill be followedbyin-classworktime whereyouwill completeexercisesusingthe demonstratedtechnique(s). PowerPointLectures
  4. 4. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 4 Instructional imagesandexamplesfromArtHistorywill provide abroadarray of imagesthat will amplifyand enhance studentunderstandingof givenobjectives.Itisimportanttohave a substantial knowledge of imagerytocreate personal workwithgreaterdepthand vision. ClassCritique Afterwe have completedourprojects,the classwill gathertodiscussourwork.Bylookingandtalkingaboutourwork and the wayin whichothersperceive it,we will come tounderstandthe essentialsof visual communication. METHODS OF EVALUATION Projects You will be expectedto completea specific projectin regardsto each lecture topic and completionof thisstated assignmentwillbe the source of pointswhichwill determine yourgrade.Here isalistof a few projectsubjects(wemay complete manybutnotnecessarilyall of these): GRADING PROCEDURES Each assignmentwill have a specificsetof stated objectivesthat must be fulfilleduponcompletion. Three primary factors determine the grade on any givenproject: C-P-O=Concept/Professionalism/Originality 1.Concept:Were the stated objectivesof the projectrealized?Did the studentutilizedesignelementsand principlestocreate cohesiveandunifiedcomposition?Didthe student demonstrate anabilitytounderstandthe conceptual requirementsof eachassignedprojectanda willingness/abilitytoadhere tostandard guidelines? 2. Professionalism:Didthe studentuse assignedmaterials/techniquestobestadvantage?Wasthe project finishedcompletelyandthoroughlyinthe time given?Didthe student demonstrate sufficienttechnical skillto produce finishedpresentationsinkeepingwith professional industryandgallerystandards? 3. Originality:Are the designsinnovativeandoriginal,orsimplyrote copiesof the examplesgiven?Didthe studentdemonstrate anabilitytocompose designelementswithasufficientdegreeof originalityand creativity? GRADING SCALE A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F=59 and below A: work of outstandingqualityindicatingafull,aswell asasuccessful resolution. Moreover,thiswork challengesandeventranscendsthe limitsof the problem(s) andlearningobjectivesasdefined. "A"workisnot merelycompetent,itisdaring. B: workexhibitinginsightintoandunderstandingof objectivesandthe ideasexpressed,butwithoutafull and/orpolishedresolutionof them. C: work givesevidence of onlypartial understandingand/orexhibitsverylittlerefinement. D: work showingalmostnounderstandingorevidenceof anefforttotry to understandgivenobjectives.
  5. 5. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 5 F: work that appearsmindless (withoutdirection,understanding and/oranyevidence of caring). COMPLETE ALL GIVENASSIGNMENTS Failure tocomplete anassignmentwill resultina0 grade beinggiven,whichisfarworse thanan F of 59%. It is much preferredtohandinprojectslate thanto not handthemin at all. Most assignmentsare worth 100 points. To determine your final grade, I addall the pointsyou have earned andthen dividethis number by the total number of pointspossible. Grading: Letter Grade Points Percentage (ifapplicable) A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F below 59 P N S U Class Policies Attendance: Professorsare requiredto take attendance. 1. Attendance will be takenineachandeveryclass. 2. Absencesare usuallydetrimentaltoa student’sgrade. 3. “Incomplete”gradesare assignedonlyincaseswhere severe illnessoremergencyhaspreventedthe student’sbeing presentatthe final examination. 4. Late arrivalsor earlydeparturescountas1/3 of an absence.Earlydeparturesinexcessof 30minwill be countedas unexcusedabsences. 5. Excusedabsencesdue toextenuatingcircumstancesorfamilyemergenciesmustbe verified.Ane-mailthe day of/before yourabsence explainingyourcircumstancesisusuallysufficient. 6. More than 3 unexcusedabsenceswill resultinafailing(F) grade.Forexample,thismeansthateven 2unexcused absencesand1 tardywill resultinafailinggrade. 7. Familyandpersonal vacationsDONOT COUNT ASEXCUSED ABSENCES.Iwill NOTadministermake-uptestsforthese absences. 8. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT ATTENDTHE FIRST CLASS THEY ARE ENROLLED IN WILL BE DROPPED FROMTHE COURSE. Unlesstheyhave proof of extenuatingcircumstancesand/orcall ore-mail me priortothe class meeting. 9. Our final classmeeting,is…..ourFINALCLASSMEETING,and no workwill be acceptedafterwards.Ever.Nomatter whatthe circumstances*(*unlessyouhave arrangedforan“incomplete”grade)
  6. 6. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 6 ElectronicDevice Use and Email Policy: Cell-phones,laptops,electronicdevices,mustbe turnedoff duringclasstime NOTEXTING!!!!!!NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!! Late AssignmentPolicy: Work handedina 1-6 dayslate -10%. Work handedin7-13 dayslate -20%. Work handedin14-20 days late -30%. Work handedin21-27 days late -40% DO NOT E-MAIL ME ANYASSIGNMENTS-JUSTSLIPA HARD COPYUNDER MY DOOR! NO WORKWILL BE ACCEPTED AFTEROUR FINALCLASSMEETING, NO EXCEPTIONS! PLEASE COMPLETE ALL GIVEN ASSIGNMENTS Failure tocomplete anassignmentwill resultina0 grade beinggiven,whichisfarworse thanan F. It ismuch betterto handin projectslate thanto not handthemin at all. Make-upExam Policy: NO MAKEUP TESTS WITHOUT VALID,VERIFIEDEXCUSE Onlyone make-upexamwillbe givenandmustbe takenwithinone week. Withdrawal Policy: STUDENTS WHO DO NOT ATTEND THE FIRSTCLASS WILL BE DROPPED FROMTHE COURSE. Unlesstheyhave proof of extenuatingcircumstancesand/orcall me priortothe class meeting. College Policies and Web Information Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty includes thefollowingactions,as well as other similar conductaimed at makingfalserepresentation with respect to the student's academic performance: (1) Cheating on an exam, (2) Collaboratingwith others on work to be presented, if contrary to the stated rules of the course, (3) Submitting, if contrary to the rules of the course,work previously submitted in another course, (4) Knowingly and intentionally assistinganother student in any of the above actions,includingassistancein an arrangement whereby work, classroom performance, examination,or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other that the student under whose name the work is submitted or performed, (5) Plagiarism. Pleaserefer to the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook ( for link to the student handbook). Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines Students will demonstrate respect for professors and fellowstudents. Behavior that is disruptiveto a positivelearningenvironment reported by the professor will resultin a warningon the firstinstance;the second instancemight resultin expulsion fromthe course or campus. Computer Competency Component
  7. 7. Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses Template Date – July 2013 7 Each student will,to the satisfaction of the professor,demonstrate a fundamental understandingof basic computer operations through various professor-determined exercises and/or assignments. Disability Support Services Students with disabilities areadvised,in compliancewith federal and state laws,that accommodations and services areavailable through the officeof Disability SupportServices (DSS). It is the student's responsibility to contact Disabled Student Services Advisors and to submitappropriatedocumentation prior to receivingservices. Pleasesee the website at for web address for Disability SupportServices. Eating, Drinking and Smoking Eating and drinkingareconfined to areas designated on the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any College building and only in areas designated at each campus. Final Course Grade Appeal The evaluation of academic work is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor. The method for assigningthefinal course grade is established by the faculty member/instructor. Per Board Rule 6Hx-18-3.191, faculty/instructorsshall communicatethe gradingpolicy of the courseto their students in writing.If this policy changes duringthe term, students should be notified of any changes in writing. The method to determine final coursegrades mustbe given to students in a coursesyllabusatthe beginningof the class.Should a student have a question about a final coursegrade,pleasefollowthe procedures as outlined in the student handbook: Mid-Term Grade Reporting Within one week after the closeof the mid-term gradingperiod,mid-term grades will be made availableto all students for each class by either written notification or individual conference. Student Responsibility Policy When a student attends the College, s/he becomes subjectto its jurisdiction.Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsiblemanner,in all areas of campus life. By enrolling,they pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are responsiblefor observingall Collegepoliciesand procedures as published in the student handbook, the College catalogand other College publications. Thestudent will be responsiblefor preparingfor class,participatingin class,and completingassignments on time. Palm Beach State Websites of Interest Pleasesee this web page ( for a listof web addresses for students. Withdrawal Policy for Individual Courses The lastday to withdraw from a College coursewith a "W" grade in this courseis It is the responsibility of the student to use the PantherWeb system or visita campus Registrar’s officeto withdraw. An official withdrawal entitles the student to a grade of "W" in the class. Other Information from yourProfessor: Class website: Department Contact Information Name: Dr. RobertGingras Office Location: BB 001083 Telephone:561.207.5420 Email: Job Title:Associate Dean