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Assignmen Book Cover part 1


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Assignment Book Cover part 1

Published in: Education
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Assignmen Book Cover part 1

  1. 1. DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS de Beaufort ASSIGNMENT: Fictional Book Cover PART1 In this assignment you must create two book covers for fictional books that you make up. A large part of this assignment is achieving the proper emphasis between text and image. It is often the case that designers place too many design elements on any given work which tends to de-emphasize the important components of the design. In this case, an iconic image must be carefully balanced with the book title and the author’s name. It’s a delicate balancing act- try to make an engaging image that is not too minimal, but do not crowd the work with unnecessary elements. Keep your palette simple, perhaps design it with the color scheme designer. Use clip art or other similar imagery to illustrate an “iconic” image that gives the viewer an idea of what your book might be about. Use an appropriate font that seems current and engaging. Feel free to download fonts from Also is necessary use texture to make your image more interesting ( CHECKLIST FOR SUCCESS: 1. "Iconic Image" 2. Appropriate Font 3. Effective Emphasis (image/text balance) 4. Directional Forces/Balance 5. Palette (simpler is usually better) 6. Texture