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  • OPTION 1Zimbra has customers in over 110 countries. Here are some customers in each segment. We have large businesses such as H&R block, Foncia in France and Bechtel, a global engineering firm that is HQ in the US that does a lot of work with the US government Well known Small and mid-size companies include Redhat and Trip advisor and SNEF in France. And in the Government Sector, we have the infamous Argonne National Laboratory and in the U.S Federal Government, the Department of Homeland Security. In the Educational Sector, we have notable institutions such as Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania which will also talk about later And for service providers we have Comcast and Frontier that provide Zimbra as a consumer offering (that nobody has tried for Exchange which gives you an idea of the flexibility of the platform) and then you have the business hosters such as Homestead and NTT that are offering Zimbra as a hosted solution and going up against Google apps directly. OPTION 2We have many well-known customers such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, Bechtel, ZipRealty, Comcast, NTT, Stanford – and we support a wide range of customer needs – from 25 mailboxes to 25 million. This is a huge advantage over Microsoft Exchange, which has been expensive and not robust enough for many small businesses requiring a lot of administrative time
  • Productivity:Managing Your Emails - Better filter rules - Email signature control - delivered delivery - DL expansion - Deleted item recoveryFinding and Communicating with People - People search - Forwarding contactsCoordinating Schedules and Prioritizing activities - New schedule view - Improved Invite management -Scheduling wizard - Tasks (new UI and reminders)Futures: Inbox2 + File Sharing + Team Collaboration OpennessSimplify end user authentication - Kerberos based SSO - SAML relying - Oauth ConsumerExtending support for mobile clients BES 5.0 and BES Express 5.0 iPad mobile portFutures:Stateless server architecture + next-gen UI framework for extensibilityManageabilityOptimizing for virtualized infrastructure - Appliance - vSphere heartbeat monitor and policies for recoveryImproving scalability and performance - Core component updates mySQL, ngnix, optimized mime parserProviding Visibility into application usage & activity - Admin visibility into quantities of zco/mobile/zcb/zd usage - Enable/disable license-able features
  • Intro - VMware Zimbra 7

    1. 1. VMware Zimbra 7<br />Driving New Levels of Productivity, Openness and Manageability <br />February 2011<br />
    2. 2. Access and Policy<br />IT as a Service: Driving New Era of User-Centric Computing<br />Personal and Shared Data<br /><ul><li>Anywhere, anytime access (browser, sync and native for offline)
    3. 3. Easy access to your applications and data from the Cloud
    4. 4. Open data between applications
    5. 5. Multi-point access to applications
    6. 6. Tools for aggregation and prioritization of information</li></ul>End-user Requirements<br />Apps<br />Containers <br />(OS / Profile)<br />Public and Private<br /> Cloud<br />Administrative Requirements<br />Simplified management<br /><ul><li>Self service / auto update
    7. 7. Fast deployment</li></ul>Security and compliance<br /><ul><li>Authentication
    8. 8. Policy control</li></ul>Deployment flexibility<br /><ul><li>Hybrid cloud</li></li></ul><li>Access and Policy<br />VMware Enterprise Computing Vision<br />Project Horizon<br />Mobility and Offline <br />Personal and Shared Data<br />VMware Zimbra<br />Apps<br />VMware & Thin App<br />VMware<br />VMware View and MVP<br />Containers <br />(OS / Profile)<br />Public and Private<br /> Cloud<br />Enterprise Collaboration and App Portal<br />Administration<br />Administration Console<br />
    9. 9. 2010: Growing VMware Zimbra Momentum<br />66 million paid mailboxes<br />2,000 + new customers in 2010<br />200,000 + organizations using Zimbra as SaaS<br />More than 40,000 registered community members<br />
    10. 10. VMware Zimbra Customers in 110 Countries<br />South Africa<br />Realty Services<br />Chile<br />Large Business<br />Command and Simulation Solutions<br />SMB & SME<br />Government<br />Education<br />Simon Fraser<br />Service Providers<br />Australia<br />
    11. 11. VMware Zimbra 7 Product Overview<br />BlackBerry<br />iPhone<br />Zimbra Web Client<br />Zimbra Server<br />BES, Browser<br />Zimbra Desktop<br />Android<br />Windows<br />Tablets<br />SOAP<br />ActiveSync, Mobile Browser<br />Standards Clients<br />Apple Desktop<br />MS Outlook<br />Exchange<br />Server<br />Active Directory<br /> LDAP, WebDAV <br />POP, IMAP, CardDAV, CalDAV<br />MAPI<br />
    12. 12. Themes Driving VMware Zimbra 7<br />Productivity<br />Openness<br />Manageability<br /><ul><li>Share more, send less – files and information
    13. 13. Coordinate schedules and prioritizing activities
    14. 14. Manage your emails more effectively
    15. 15. Expanded support for mobile clients
    16. 16. Improved SaaS application integrations
    17. 17. Authentication and directory interoperability
    18. 18. Simple to deploy, manage and update
    19. 19. One platform: online, offline, appliance, server
    20. 20. End-user self-service model</li></li></ul><li>New VMware Zimbra 7 Features<br />Productivity<br />Openness<br />Manageability<br /><ul><li>Share more; send less
    21. 21. Coordinate schedules and prioritize activities
    22. 22. Manage your emails more effectively</li></ul>File versioning, check in and out, document rendering<br />People search, forwarding vCards, dist. list expansion<br />People search, scheduled delivery, undo<br /><ul><li>Improved integrations with partners
    23. 23. Simplify end user authentication
    24. 24. Expanded support for mobile clients</li></ul>, LinkedIn and WebEx<br />BES 5.0 and BES Express 5.0, improved native synch<br />Kerberos-based SSO,<br />SAML authentication, Oauth Consumer<br /><ul><li>One platform
    25. 25. End user self service
    26. 26. Simple to deploy, manage and update</li></ul>All products (Server, Desktop, Appliance) will GA in Q1 2011<br />Deleted item recovery for end users<br />7 minutes to install, automatic updates, browser based admin<br />
    27. 27. Personal and Shared Data<br />Inbox<br />Sharing<br />
    28. 28. VMware Launches Zimbra 7<br />New Levels of Productivity, Openness and Manageability<br />The newest version of VMware’s next-generation email and collaboration platform<br />VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7 (formally Zimbra Collaboration Suite)<br />VMware Zimbra Desktop 7 (Beta)<br />VMware Zimbra Appliance 7 (Beta)<br />New data sharing capabilities, expanded calendaring and search functionality, and upgraded management features for both IT and end-users<br />Optimized for both the casual and power-user, establishing a platform for a next-generation workspace within the VMware end-user computing vision<br />