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Moving through grief 07232011handout


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Moving through grief 07232011handout

  1. 1. Movingthrough Griefto Mission andMinistryWyvonia WoodsHarris,Missionary andMinister
  2. 2. Moving through Griefto Mission and MinistryThe Beginning• If I could open my mouthand send out love, it wouldbe a breeze from above• If I could use my tongue andcomfort bring, it would beas drops of cooling rain• If I could part my lips into apraise, it would be thesweetest taste• If I could open ears to hear,it would complete my storyto dry a tear.The Continuing
  3. 3. Moving Through Griefto Mission and MinistryStages of Grief by Kubler Ross• 1 Denial and Isolation• 2 Anger• 3 Bargaining• 4 Depression• 5. AcceptanceHOPEMovement through Grief by Wy• 1 Love• 2 Joy• 3 Peace• 4 Patience• 5 Kindness• 6 Goodness• 7 Faithfulness• 8 Gentleness• 9 Self Control
  4. 4. Moving through Grief toMission and Ministry“ But grow in thegrace andknowledge of ourLord and SaviorJesus Christ. ToHim be glory bothnow and forever .Amen2 Peter 3:18 (NIV