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House of Energy- Status Update


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Our project/ program developments towards the establishment of a House of Energy in Oslo.

Status update as of 27th October 2014.

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House of Energy- Status Update

  1. 1. House of Energy ”Building the Co-alitions of the Willing” Energy & Sustainable Societies 27 October 2014, Oslo Adriaan Kamp Founder Energy For One World Program Director- Executive (Energy) Education Nyenrode Business University
  2. 2. Can we build Sustainable Societies for all? How are we going to live together and provide energy to all people of this world – reliably, sustainably, affordable, and in harmony? 2
  3. 3. 2014 2030-2050 3 7 Billion People 9 Billion People 90 trillion USD economy 180-210 trillion USD 225 million oil eq/day 500- 750 million oil eq/day
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. The State of Our World Energy System Three wise moves: • The Western (OECD-) countries could do well if they were able to “make room” and reduce their average fossil energy footprint significantly, in order to- • Allow and facilitate the non-OECD countries to grow and allow their benefits and wealth creation (opportunity) from fossil energy. • The general predicted increase in world average energy consumption per capita should ideally be generated by non-fossil fuels such as renewable energy. Overall world fossil fuel production is not to rise further significantly if we do not wish to cross levels which can no longer be sustained or guaranteed for our economies, societies or nature. And an action agenda: • A political agenda: “We need better and a global oversight and agreement on the rules of the game on sustainability and the dynamic developments in the world energy system.” • A business and large (energy) corporation agenda: “making room for the new: enabling the development of energy architectures of the 21st century” • A social agenda: “we need to allow for the poor and middle-class incomes: ensuring that energy once and when made available – remains affordable.” • We need leadership values of the 21st century : allowing for better integration of sustainability in the energy value chains and across borders. 6
  6. 6. The simple truth is: Every Energy Company and Every Energy Architecture in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the availability, affordability and sustainability of energy to all. 7
  7. 7. Norway (Oslo) in the World (an external perspective) • Nr 1. Energy Architecture Peformance in the World (World Economic Forum report, 2014) • Erna Solberg, Brundtland, Naess, Randers, Solheim and Stoltenberg • Nobel Peace Prize and Business for Peace Foundation • Statoil (NOC/IOC), Statkraft, Statnett • Position and Location in (NW-) Europe • Top-5 Ranking in Wealth and Well-being (IMF, World Bank, Legatum) and Happiness (Nr 2, UN 2013) Credibility, Capability, Trust and Social Capital
  8. 8. “House Of Energy • Raise business capabilities and capacities for building energy architectures of the 21st century: supporting the rise and development of global vibrant sustainable societies. • Aid Energy Executives a new balancing act- and to raise a shared vision, awareness and stewardship over the new needs and possibilities in the energy architecture. • • Produce and assist in the creation of new “forms and formats” benefitting the global energy industry. Education- Consulting- Workshops & Events- Projects- Research & Publication
  9. 9. 10 Our Early Partnership Network (“Co-alition of the Willing”) (under dialogue/ under continued development)
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. “A sustainable global future is not about having the luxury of choosing a sustainable development path or not but how best to go about ensuring it happens and then make it happen in a timely manner”. – Robin Waaler, Norway 12
  12. 12. House of Energy Mail to: Tel nrs: 0047- 40767156 Energy For One World- 2014, All Rights Reserved