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Introduction to automation ppt


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introduction to automation: energy saving

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Introduction to automation ppt

  1. 1. Introduction To Automation: Energy SavingPresented By:HIMANI HARBOLAEIE(4 th Year)
  2. 2. 
  3. 3. 
  4. 4. RTD
  5. 5. 
  6. 6. Communications RS-232 C C I i Oi r Central n ur p c Processor t c u u (CPU) pu t i ui CR t t t s sHigh HighVoltage Voltage MEMORY program data AC Power Supply or External DC Power Supply
  7. 7. 1)2)3)
  8. 8. 
  9. 9. 
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Operator Workstations Operator Workstations Users Master Ethernet LAN Station Connectivity Redundant SCADA Hosts Application Host Systems Comm Equipment Gateway(s) to Corporate Networks SCADA SCADA Application Application Server-A Server-B Server-A Server-BCommunication Communication System Leased Line, Direct Connect, Radio, Satellite, Radio, Etc. RTUs & RTU or PLC RTU or PLC RTU or PLC PLCs Status, Controls and Measurements Status, Controls and Measurements Status, Controls and MeasurementsField Originating Stataion or End Point or TerminalDevices Typical Pipeline Receipt Delivery Location Intermediate Pump/Compressor Station Location
  12. 12. 1)
  13. 13. Functions as inverter.
  14. 14. 