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Slide share

  1. 1. A review on Slide Share
  2. 2. Contents• About SlideShare• Sign up process• Upload a presentation• Edit presentation details• SlideCasts (add an audio track)• Videos in presentations• ZipCasts (online meetings)• Conclusions (pro/contra)
  3. 3. About SlideShareSlideShare is a website, where you can host and share your presentations and documents for others to watch in their browser.SlideShare is not an online tool to create and edit presentations.
  4. 4. Sign up processIt‘s reasy: • Nickname & Password • Email address • Enter a CAPTCHA That‘s it!A word about the privacy policy:SlideShare works like Google: It collects all available data and does with it, what it wants, except forgiving it away.• “We also use your Personal Information to contact you with SlideShare marketing or promotional materials…”• “When you visit the Site, whether as a registered SlideShare user […] or a non-registered visitor just browsing […], our servers automatically record information that your browser sends…”  Got you! 
  5. 5. Upload a presentationfree Pro-Features 19 $/month
  6. 6. Upload a presentation Pro-Features no Problem (we‘ll see later)
  7. 7. Upload a presentation Pro-Features only little problem: 20 MB are free
  8. 8. Upload a presentation Pro-Features big problem in professional/ research use
  9. 9. Edit presentation detailsNot all details were shown in the upload window.To get full access to all presentation details: • click on your user name in the upper-right corner • select My Uploads • select a presentation and click Edit / Delete
  10. 10. pay attention to this optionit‘s locked 
  11. 11. SlideCasts (add an audio track)You can hold your presentation „off-line“ by adding an audio track.Please note that music is not allowed! (I suppose the server automatically checks, if the MP3contains voice recordings only )
  12. 12. Videos in presentationsWith a free account, SlideShare just doesn‘t host videos for you,but you can easily integrate YouTube videos!
  13. 13. ZipCasts (online meetings)You can hold your presentation „on-line“ by inviting others to„slide meetings“. click on you user name in the upper-right corner and select My ZipCasts schedule for a certain time start immediately
  14. 14. ZipCasts (online meetings) Your Presentation
  15. 15. Conclusions - pro• easy to set up and use• free basic version• ZipCasts for free slide meetings• Plugins for Firefox and PowerPoint available• supports multiple document formats : • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) • Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) • OpenOffice (.odt, .ods) • Apple (.zip, .key) • PDF • Google Docs
  16. 16. Conclusions - contra• presentations are always public in the free basic version• quite expensive pro-version with little extra benefit• a bit inconsistent, sometimes distracting website layout and ads• PowerPoint animations and other features are not supported: • simple animations, such as „appear“, are not displayed; the objects are just there from the beginning • the upload of presentations with more complex animations failed • the arrows in this presentation were not rendered properly