The truth shall make you free


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The presentation is exposed as in the name of religion have committed heinous crimes to justify only good intentions and struggles against the infidels. About 86'500, 000 people were killed during the conquest. A REAL HOLOCAUST

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The truth shall make you free

  1. 1. THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE Pablo Castillo R.
  3. 3. Jesus was a Jew Descended from families of Solomon and David (Jewish kings), was entitled to reclaim the throne (the Jews do not accept it by proclaiming himself the son of God, concluding that by his own admission had no ancestors). Jews also are Mary, Joseph and the Apostles. In fact the main theme of the first council of the Church, the Jerusalem Council, chaired by Peter, was whether Gentiles (not Jews) were also called by God to be members of the Church. Old Testament book of the Jews. The Second Vatican Council renewed the awareness of the links between Judaism and Catholicism.
  4. 4. Is Jesus a Jew unmarried? According to Jewish tradition, celibacy was reprehensible and the father was responsible for finding a suitable wife for their sons. Nowhere in the Gospels mention some explanation of his bachelorhood. The early church needed to convince the world that Jesus was not a mortal prophet but a being of divine origin.
  5. 5. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (pagan) was the high priest of the official religion of Rome, they worshiped the sun (Sol invictus). The emperor legalized the practice of Christianity by the Edict of Milan 313 AD and brought back the church property. Prior to this edict, many Flavius Christians were persecuted and killed. Valerius Aurelius Constantinus
  6. 6. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. The emperor convened the First Council of Nicaea (May 20 to 25 July 325), which gave legitimacy to Christianity in the Roman Empire for the first time. It is considered that this was essential for the expansion of this religion, and historians from Lactantius and Eusebius of Caesarea to the present day show him as the first Christian emperor, however recently the emperor was baptized when he was in his deathbed. 324 Constantine built a basilica in Rome, where according to Christian tradition martyred St. Peter, the Vatican hill, which now houses the Basilica of St. Peter ("PETER YOU ARE ROCK ON THIS ROCK I BUILD MY CHURCH...")
  7. 7. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. In Christianity merged customs of other faiths to please the various believers and then convert them to a new religion. In the publication of the gospels (Niceas Council) they conclude to suppress all the aspects related to his earthly life to assign divine connotations to him. In Nicea they proposed and voted that Christ was the son of God (THEY DECIDED FOR VOTING), there were defending this position the bishop Alejandro of Alexandria and his deacon Atanasio). Also they decided on many aspects: to change the SABATH to Sunday, the date of the Easter, the role of the bishops, the administration of the sacraments, etc.
  8. 8. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. PAGAN RELIGIONS AFTER CHRIST BEFORE CHRIST CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISMSolar aureole of the Egyptians Christian holy aura Isis suckling to her son Virgin Mary suckling to her Horus son Jesus. Mithras (raised on the third Constantine assigned day of his burial tomb in the December 25 as date of birth rock), Osiris, Adonis, of Jesus. Dionysus (born December Gospels do not give a 25) specific date.
  9. 9. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. PAGAN RELIGIONS AFTER CHRIST BEFORE CHRIST CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM In the Bible mentions theThey gave gold, incense and same about the manger of myrrh to Krishna. Bethlehem. Originally, before Christ, the Sunday day of pagan sun masses were on Saturday worship. (Sabbath) was amended by Constantine to Sunday. Mortals being absorbed by Virginity of Mary and her gods. pregnancy.
  10. 10. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. AFTER CHRIST PAGAN RELIGIONS CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM BEFORE CHRIST Take ye: “this is my body”. And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave to them: “and they all drank of it”. And he said unto them, “This is my blood Egyptians believed in life of the covenant, which is poured after death out for many”. Mark 14 Osiris was the “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, ye god of have not life in yourselves. He that resurrection, eateth my flesh and drinketh my symbol of blood hath eternal life: and I will fertility and raise him up at the last day. For regeneration of my flesh is meat indeed, and my the Nile. blood is drink indeed.” John 6:53-55
  11. 11. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being.Solar aureole of the Egyptians Christian holy aura Dyehuty / San Hepu / Tot Roque Apis God of Saint of God of wisdom, the sick. fertility writing, music. San Tefnut / Antonio San Tfenis Jonsu / Santo to Martín Goddess God of find Saint of of medicine, girlfriend the sick, moisture protector of (boyfrien poor. the sick d) B.C. A.D.
  12. 12. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being.Isis suckling to her son Horus Virgin Mary suckling to her son Jesus. B.C. A.D.
  13. 13. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet, but as a divine being.Mithras (raised on the third day of Constantine assigned Decemberhis burial tomb in the rock), Osiris, 25 as date of birth of Jesus.Adonis, Dionysus (born December Gospels do not give a specific 25) date. Mithras god Osiris was the of sunlight, god of Natalis Solis Invictus in Ancient of Persian resurrection, origin which symbol of Rome. was adopted fertility and in the regeneration Roman of the Nile 350: Rome is celebrated first Empire. Christmas. Adonis eternally young god who Dionysus is the symbolized death god of wine, and the annual the inspirer of renewal of ritual madness vegetation. and ecstasy. B.C. A.D.
  14. 14. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet, but as a divine being.They gave gold, incense and myrrh In the Bible mentions the same to Krishna. about the manger of Bethlehem. B.C. A.D.
  15. 15. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet, but as a divine being.Sunday day of pagan sun worship. Originally, before Christ, the masses were on Saturday (Sabbath) was amended by Constantine to Sunday. Moneda del Emperador Probo, año 280, con el Sol Invictus. El Emperador (izquierda) usa una corona solar. La veneración B.C. A.D.
  16. 16. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. PAGAN RELIGIONS AFTER CHRIST BEFORE CHRIST CHRISTIAN SYMBOLISM Virginity of Mary and her Mortals being absorbed by pregnancy. gods. The Hebrew word “soul” has always meant “a young woman”, but Christian theologians came centuries later to translate it as “virgin”. The Christian idea that a virgin gave birth has been derived from a verse in Isaiah that describes a “soul” B.C. giving birth. A.D.
  17. 17. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. WORSHIP THE SUN JEWS Civilization: • Messianic prophecy. • Awaited arrival of the prophet and that JesusEGYPTIAN 2,685 (Ra, Iton) fulfilled the messianic prophecies.B. • God: the Lord is One.C. ROMAN CHRISTIANS (Sol invictus) • The Christian idea of the trinity, God divides into three separate entities: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit INCA (Matthew 28:19). (Inti, • Coming of Jesus (1st) andWiracocha) the second Messiah.
  18. 18. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. The proclamation of Jesus as Son of God, Constantine turned him into a divinity, was only a mere mortal, an entity of absolute power. It was the beginning of the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church.
  19. 19. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. The earlier gospels, which mentioned the normal life of Christ, were banned and burned (some were saved, the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Qumran Scrolls for 250 BC and 66 AD - found in 1947). To avoid the "chaos", anyone who does not comply with these provisions was branded a heretic. Finally, four centuries after his death as any human being, Constantine rose Category Christ and made him son of God (endorsed by the Council of Nicaea), for political reasons to use the influence of Jesus in the reinforcement of its power and save his empire.
  20. 20. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. They were the first years of the psychosocial domain and control the population by religion that ensured the peace of the Emperor. QUIT PRO QUO = Something for something
  21. 21. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. Which one? Mandylion, S. IV-VI The legendary first portrait of Jesus. Ario Catholic African American Black Russian Protestant Latino Hindu
  22. 22. Appointed Jesus not as a mortal prophet,but as a divine being. Which one? Greek Androgynous Mexican Gay Facial reconstruction made by the forensic Richard Neave, U. Manchester. Hindu Ailing
  23. 23. On behalf of the father The message of Jesus in America
  24. 24. The message of Jesus in America Sixteenth-century Europe, the Catholic Church share the political and economic power with the divided kingdoms of Spain (Castile and Aragon), France and Portugal and others Isabella of Castile (The Catholic) and Ferdinand of Aragon (the two never met before marriage) characters that history knows as the "Catholic Kings" for the alliance with the Roman Catholic power.. The Christian religion came to America with the arrival of the Spanish invading expedition, representing the kings of Spain when Christopher Columbus set foot in America in 1492.
  25. 25. The message of Jesus in America In America the Incas and Aztecs were the most numerous, there were other towns and in total reached about 90 million people. 150 years later, remained in America 3’500,000 inhabitants. About 86500, 000 people were killed. A veritable holocaust. It is estimated that in those 150 years, the invaders stole 185 tons of gold and 16 tons of silver.
  26. 26. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas In the Peru of the Incas, the arrival of these offenders (Francisco Pizarro, 1532) along with bringing religious support that helped justify the invasion, he sought to draw all the riches they found gold, silver, etc.., By the fight against the pagans (infidels) who rejected foreign ideologies did not understand the language and lifestyle. The turning point of the conquest of the Inca Empire, is marked by the rejection of Atahualpa to the Bible (the holy book for the Spanish) bestowed by the Dominican priest Vicente Valverde (November 16, 1532), a sign of accepting the faith priests are going to preach and submission of the Inca to the kings of Spain.
  27. 27. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas Dominican priest Vicente Valverde: "James, come to them"
  28. 28. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas"... sounded the bells tied to their horses, firing their musketsdeafening, the shouts, screams and groans were generals. ... Afterthey were thrown riders, giving them scope killed everyone theycould ....“Mary ROSTWOROWSKI
  29. 29. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas The throw the Bible triggered a spiral of death of children, women and elderly (a VERITABLE HOLOCAUST where millions of people were killed). Destruction, looting and enslavement of a civilization as a pretext of defending their religion (Christianity) against the infidels. Firearms (Spanish) against bladed weapons (Incas). The Spanish made use of terror: mutilation of prisoners, who cut off the ears, hands, feet and tore off womens breasts.
  30. 30. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas They destroyed everything temple and image of the ancient Inca religion and killed their priests. An army of Catholic priests "extirpators of idolatry" were to build their "parishes" in Peru. Besides evangelizing missions came from different orders to move into the Amazon. The Catholic religion meant the bastion of mental subjugation of millions of people who were instructed to force, alienating them and trying to destroy the culture and traditions of the Incas.
  31. 31. The message of Jesus in Peru of the Incas The aim of inculcating Catholicism was to bring resignation, submissiveness and complacency to the subhuman level of exploitation, which for their evil ends, resulted in the incorporation of a large and cheap labor useful for projects of Europeans. The Spanish sent their sons to defend the faith against the pagans (native), achieving consensus on their population, already accustomed to the "holy crusades". “Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4).
  32. 32. CONCLUSIONS: THE TRUTH WILL BEFREELike a snowball grows when wheel, Christianity has beennurtured to add more pagan myths and be very close toany other faith, to facilitate those seeking new converts.Christian beliefs are pure mythology. Christianity is likeany other mythology that mankind has invented overthe years. All scientific evidence shows that God isimaginary.The slaughter of millions of Native Americans on thepretext of being pagans or heretics, to justify the theft,slavery, terror and invasion of territories, in defense ofthe Catholic religion is an act that discredits andcontradicts all his preaching.
  33. 33. CONCLUSIONS: THE TRUTH WILL BEFREEReligion was the ideological weapon of the colonialassault.The domain and population control ( "concubinage keepthe flock"), is not free has a value that society is readyto pay (maintenance of status quo).The defense of freedom and truth, should stop thedefenders of the lie, submission, domination and control.What we hate communism is just the subjugation andcontrol of the individual, but when a democratic state isfed by these methods, it turns only in a formaldemocracy (democracy lie).The past is behind us and why we should notremain tied to him, knowing the truth ...
  34. 34. FOR FORWARD AND NEVER EXTRA-LOOK BACK ... TERRESTRIAL (E.T.) or MIDDLE distraction 313 EAST 315 MORE OF 1492 12,700 1532 INVASION Kms 86’500,000 dead DEFEAT OF COMMUNISM PERU NOV/09/1989 FREE • Constitution • Laws • HumanTHANKS, Click for a donation... ¡FREE...! Rights • NGOs Make our future! • Associations
  35. 35. Readings Asimov, Isaac (1967). The Roman Empire. Ferrill, Arther (1986). The fall of the Roman Empire. The military cases. Burckhardt, Jacob (1982). From paganism to Christianity. Guillén Guillén, Edmundo. The conquest of Peru of the Incas (1531-1572). Lima, 1980. Rostworowski, María. History Tawantinsuyu Basadre, Jorge. General History of the Peruvians, Volume 2. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 5696.stm