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Techdays 2013 the road to end user self service with service manager 2012 SP1


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Veel tijd van de ICT afdeling gaat op aan het uitvoeren van standaard aanvragen welke al meerdere malen uitgevoerd zijn. Service Manager, met de ingebouwde self service portaal, kan u hier eenvoudig in ondersteunen om de werkdruk van ICT te verlichten. Tijdens de sessie laat ik U zien hoe Service manager in combinatie met System Center Orchestrator dit soort gestandaardiseerde werkzaamheden kan automatiseren en borgen in het proces door gebruik te maken van Service Manager. Tijdens de introductie in SCSM 2012 laat ik zien wat service manager voor u kan betekenen en bespreken we de stappen noodzakelijk om zo een geautomatiseerd proces in de techniek te realiseren.

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Techdays 2013 the road to end user self service with service manager 2012 SP1

  1. 1. The road to end user self servicewith Service Manager 2012 SP1Walter EikenboomPrincipal consultantInovativ
  2. 2. System Center 2012 SP1
  3. 3. First, design your process!
  4. 4. Lets build end user self service! Where do I start?
  5. 5. Terminologie Activities Integration Packs Runbooks Databus
  6. 6. Then, develop in Runbook designer
  7. 7. Test, test, test..
  8. 8. Finally, publish and run
  9. 9. DemoCreating a runbook for selfservice automation
  10. 10. Service manager Service Delivery Mobile Email Portal Self Service Reporting and data warehouse Service Catalog Templates CMDBStandardization Knowledge Work Items Configuration Items Workflows 3rd Party Automation Management Tools
  11. 11. Chargeback Cloud Price Sheet $ VM / day $ Cloud Membership / day $ VM CPU Core / day $ VM Memory GB / day $ VM Storage GB / day
  12. 12. Service Manager Integration SharePoint Orchestrator Connector Configuration Manager Service Manager Connector Exchange Connector Virtual Machine Manager Operations Manager Active Directory
  13. 13. DemoConnectingService Manager
  14. 14. Service Catalog Checklist
  15. 15. Self Service
  16. 16. DemoCreating end user self service
  17. 17. How to Create a Runbook Activity
  18. 18. Create Service Request template
  19. 19. How to Create a Request Offering
  20. 20. How to Create a Service Offering
  21. 21. Bedankt! Vragen? Bio: Walter Eikenboom As principal consultant Walter is specialized in infrastructure optimization where automation and simplifying operations is one of his key strengths by overviewing people, process and technology to manage the most complex infrastructures. Innovation and pre-sales consultant on Microsoft System Center, private Cloud en workspace optimization with a vision in designs. Walter provides workshops and presentations on proactive and automating infrastructure management, moving to a new platform or solution. Walter loves to talk with customers on how the world is changing and how IT should adapt to stay aligned with your business. Follow me on Twitter @wwwally or contact me to stay in touch.
  22. 22. System Center trainingen!