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The Paradors Route of Rueda and Toro Wines                                                                                ...
Recommendations:                                                                                       The Rueda wine regi...
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The Paradores Route of Rueda and Toro wines


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This route combines two important wine-producing regions with the historic city of Salamanca, home of one of Europe’s oldest universities.

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The Paradores Route of Rueda and Toro wines

  1. 1. The Paradors Route of Rueda and Toro Wines (Three-night package) This route combines two important wine-producing regions with the historic city of Salamanca, home of one of Europe’s oldest universities. The route includes the following Paradors:  Tordesillas: First day  Zamora: Second day  Salamanca: Third day Net price per person: Euros The price includes:  3 nights Bed & Breakfast accommodation in standard double room  Two guided visits in English to two top cellars in Toro followed by wine tasting  Gourmet lunch in Toro  Comprehensive documentation of the Paradores and the areas that you will visit  All local taxes. The price does not include:  Transportation *  Any entrance fees to monuments/places of interest which are not mentioned above * If you need help booking a car rental please let us know. Route terms and conditions:  The route begins on Sunday and ends on Wednesday.Taller Projectes Oci- NIF A-63405468 GC - 1138  Neither the dates of your stay, nor the hotels, may be altered or changed during the route.  This route is valid for visits starting January 1-22 (inclusive), March 4-July 8 (inclusive), and August 26-December 16, 2012 (inclusive). Except visits starting April 1 and December 2, 2012.  Route and rates not valid for groups ** For any other dates of the week please ask for prices Parador de Tordesillas 1st Day, Sunday Tel.: +34/93-317 19 09, mail: 1
  2. 2. Recommendations: The Rueda wine region, while producing whites, rosés and reds, has made a place for itself in the world of Spanish wine thanks to the Verdejo white grape variety, which gives its whites their powerful aroma. The town of Rueda is the center of local wine-making activity. Nearby is Medina del Campo, the city of fairs whose golden age was during the Middle Ages. Of special note is De la Mota Castle. Tordesillas is home to the Toro Vega festival, and her Treaty Houses (Casas del Tratado) witnessed the signing of the document which divided the New World into two parts. The town offers much for visitors to discover. Nearby lies the Riberas de Castronuño-Vegas del Duero natural area. Parador de Zamora 2nd Day, Monday Recommendations: The Toro wine region is located within the area of Zamora divided by the Douro River, leaving the Land of Bread (Tierra del Pan) to the north, and to the south, the Land of Wine. The importance of vineyards can be seen in such Zamora towns as Venialbo, El Pego, Valdefinjas and Sanzoles, among others. They have preserved excellent examples of vernacular winery architecture, evidence of the ancient connection to this activity throughout the entire region. Toro is the capital of this wine-producing region, and the location of its regulatory council. All the hillsides along the route of the mighty river are populated by numerous vineyards. The town has preserved part of its castle, as well as the Corredera and Arco del Reloj gates, dating from the 18 th century. To all this must be added the innumerable other attractions in the city of Zamora, a town of great beauty and many monuments. Parador de Salamanca 3rd Day, Tuesday Recommendations: Following a few days discovering the world of wine, stroll to the center of the baroque 18th-century Main Square (Plaza Mayor), look around and allow yourself to be seduced by its beauty and harmony. The living heart of the city isTaller Projectes Oci- NIF A-63405468 GC - 1138 the starting point for our tour. Among the many monuments you will discover the 15th-century House of Shells (Casa de las Conchas), the Old Cathedral (13th- century), New Cathedral (16th-18th centuries), and the university (16th- century), as well as many churches, palaces and the archives. The provincial capital is a treasure house of monuments, a city in which the hustle and bustle of the university throbs with unceasing cultural activity. Tel.: +34/93-317 19 09, mail: 2