Tapas making experience


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A new Team Building for groups up 80 people to... where ever you want.
It's a huge activity when all the guest can play, learn and discover our city and our culture with a lot of fun.

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Tapas making experience

  1. 1. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com Tapas Making Experience Become a cooking champion!
  2. 2. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com You will find the chef inside you, whether you are a beginner or an experimented cook... even if you have never used a table board… You’d never thought cooking was so much fun!!!! Cook with your friends or colleagues making your own appetizers and… make a toast with a well deserved glass of cava. Bring an extra bag to stock up on the Spanish flavors and products that you’ll undoubtedly want to bring home. You get to eat what you make so… do it well! Master Chef Experience
  3. 3. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com Master Chef Experience It would be too easy just to get the ingredients, the recipe and cook!!! Previous to the cooking there is an scavenger hunt in the city center of Barcelona to search for some key ingredients of the 3 tapas that you will create. Each of the competing teams receives a set of instructions, a road book and tickets or money for the ingredients shopping.
  4. 4. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com The goal is to visit the designated bars & meeting points and win some key ingredients for the recipes you have to prepare at the hotel. After completing the task and the tasting, the team goes to the next stop. Once ended the skill you are asked to go back to the hotel where each group will have 45 minutes to prepare the tapas indicated in the road book. Master Chef Experience
  5. 5. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com 1. Briefing of the activity and handing over of the Road book (the teams need to be done before the briefing) Recommended time: 20 minutes maximum 2. Scavenger hunt • Stop in a bar to do a blind tasting. The prize of the test will be a secret ingredient of a tapa. • Stop in a brewery to do a tasting of beer and “buy” bread • Search for different store and find out which product is best for your tapa Recommended time: 2 hours Method
  6. 6. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com The Method 3. Return to the hotel: tapas making experience There will be a table set up per team (10 people) with: • All the ingredients & the necessary tools to make 3 cold tapas • Aprons With the instructions of the road book, each team will make 3 different tapas, with 3 different styles • A Banderilla • A Montadito • A Pintxo Recommended time: 45 minutes
  7. 7. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com The Method: Judging One of the tapas will be the chosen for the contest. Guess which one?? Sorry, you will not know until the activity is done, we want to make sure that your effort and creativity skills are sharp until the end. Countdown
  8. 8. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com And the Master Chef cooking Champion team is….
  9. 9. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 www.ociovital.com The Venue: Avenida Palace Hotel A classic hotel located in the city center of Barcelona
  10. 10. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 Location: Barcelona city, consult supplement for other cities. Duration: 3-4 hours Languages: English or Spanish. Other languages under request and availability Program includes: • A hands on cooking class led by a chef every 20 people: • 3 cold tapas • A meal with Spanish wines (cocktail style) • Translated recipes • Venue rental • Apron • Sound system • Coordination Does not include: • All local taxes Tapas Making Experience
  11. 11. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 DEPOSIT : The Client shall pay a deposit of 30% of the Total Amount when making the reservation. The remaining balance is due 15 days before the program begins. If any payment is not made within the times set forth herein, TPO (Taller projectes oci S.A.L.) may treat the contract as canceled, and the usual refund terms shall apply (see below). PRICE: All payments must be received in Euros and in full exclusive of any bank charges incurred. In the event of errors or omissions in a proposal or where an increase is caused by a change in circumstance, TPO reserves the right to amend quoted prices with notice given to the client. CANCELLATION FEES: Cancellation must be made in writing by the person who has made the booking. Any such notice will become effective from the date of receipt by TPO Cancellation charges per person will be levied as: Working days prior to program start date: Between 30 and 15 days: loss of deposit Less than 15 days: 75% of total cost Less than 10 days: 100% of total cost Partial Cancellation charges If the decrease of participants is done with less than 48 hours, it will be considered as a no-show (100% of total cost) If the decrease of participants is done with more than 48 hours, Total Price will be recalculated for the final number of participants. There are a few specific exceptions to the above, please verify these terms at the time of booking if there are any doubts. Terms & Conditions
  12. 12. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 Ronda Universidad 12 4º7B – 08007 Barcelona – 93 3171909 More information: Telephone: +34 93 317 19 09 General information: hola@ociovital.com Reservations: reservations@ociovital.com Comercial: eva@ociovital.com
  13. 13. TallerProjectesOciS.A.L.C.i.fA-63405468gc-1138 Thank you for your attention GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCESGASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCES