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Zen Story about Egotism


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A typical Zen story that explains what egotism is, through an experience.

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Zen Story about Egotism

  1. 1. Zen Motivational Story What is Egotism? Motivational Stories
  2. 2. The head of the Tang Dynasty was a much feared and respected leader in his country. Despite his military successes and prestigious social standing, he was a humble person praying two times a day. Motivational Stories
  3. 3. He often studied Zen under a master close to his home. The Zen master and the head of the Tang Dynasty enjoyed the perfect master-student relationship. The head never expected anything more. Motivational Stories
  4. 4. One day, he asked the Zen master, “What is egotism?” Motivational Stories
  5. 5. “ What a stupid question to ask?” said the Zen master. Motivational Stories
  6. 6. The head’s face turned red with anger. Motivational Stories
  7. 7. “ This is egotism,” replied the Zen master seeing the reaction of the head. Motivational Stories
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