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Swordfish Presentation.

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Ese2008 Swordfish

  1. 1. Eclipse Swordfish — An Open Source SOA Runtime Framework for the Enterprise Copyright © SOPERA GmbH, 2008. Content is made available under the EPL v1.0.
  2. 2. SOA (not) What makes Enterprise SOA...well..Enterprise SOA? What Swordfish is and what it does Where we are and where we are heading Your questions
  3. 3. Do you like spaghetti? That‘s what you‘ll end up with JBOWS.
  4. 4. Or do you prefer to keep track of your services? Use a service registry!
  5. 5. Are you happy with a static system? It‘s hard to change direction if you need to.
  6. 6. Or do you prefer to keep things dynamic? Go for Policies!
  7. 7. Do you feel good when you don‘t see what‘s going on? You might need to dig a bit deeper.
  8. 8. Or do you prefer to keep in control? Service monitoring is essential!
  9. 9. Remote configuration Policies Monitoring Orchestration Repository Registry
  10. 10. We‘re on a mission “The goal of the Swordfish project is to provide an extensible SOA runtime framework based on the proven Eclipse Equinox runtime technology. The framework is designed to be complemented by additional open source components such as a service registry, a messaging system, a process engine etc. to form a comprehensive open source SOA runtime environment based on both established and emerging open standards.”
  11. 11. Swordfish is based on all three relevant standards in the SOA space Programming model SCA Assembly description format Messaging abstraction JBI Message routing Component model OSGi Module deployment mechanism Classloading
  12. 12. What‘s that buzz about JBI? I thought it was dead? Then Apache, ow2 and are hosting zombies!
  13. 13. ServiceMix provides the routing facility and loads of components... JAX-WS SE HTTP BC BPEL SE JMS BC ServiceMix 4 SCA Java SE Normalized Message SMTP BC Router Scripting SE FTP BC ... ... Swordfish core Configuration Management Interceptors Monitoring Resolver Security Service ...and Swordfish adds a framework for the missing parts.
  14. 14. The boundaries between API, implementation and plug-ins are clearly defined Core API <<interface>> <<interface>> <<interface>> PlannerStrategy Interceptor ServiceResolver +plan() +process() +resolve() Core Planner ServiceResolvingInterceptor +plan() +process() Plug-ins PolicyPlannerStrategy SomeInterceptor WSDLFileServiceResolver +plan() +process() +resolve()
  15. 15. Service registry lookup Registry/ Logical service name + policy Repository physical endpoint Service address Provider Resolver 1 ? Provider 2 JBI JBI SE BC Java HTTP
  16. 16. Policy-driven message processing current runtime configuration Hints Planner create processed Message Message Interceptor 1 Interceptor 2 ... Interceptor n processing chain
  17. 17. Exemplary plug-ins Your own plugins org.eclipse.swordfish.api org.eclipse.swordfish.core ServiceMix 4 Spring OSGi Event Admin Configuration Admin SMX4 dependencies org.eclipse.osgi
  18. 18. My own plugin org.eclipse.swordfish.core OSGi Registry register MyInterceptor as org.eclipse.swordfish.api.Interceptor notify framework of newly registered service pick up implementation class . . . process()
  19. 19. 5 committers (3 full time) 2 contributors 1.0M3 out release planned for end of December plan to be in Galileo in June 2009
  20. 20. Where we‘re heading: Adding the SCA layer on top SU SU BPEL Java SE SE BPEL JBI NMR Java HTTP BC Service Units deployed as bundles SU SU SU SU SU STP Intermediary Model? Java JBI BPEL HTTP SE NMR SE BC
  21. 21. Join us!