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KAIST UVR Lab 2012


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KAIST UVR Lab is looking for students with passion to CT, technology for 'Quality of Life'!

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KAIST UVR Lab 2012

  1. 1. SPRING 2012 | GSCT | KAISTUVR Lab | TOWARD INTERACTIVE MEDIA & SPACE Woontack Woo 1998, Ph.D., EE-Systems, USC, LA, CA, USA 1991, MS, EE, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea 1989, BS, EE, KNU, Daegu, Korea 2012-Current Professor, GSCT, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea 2005-2012 Director, GIST CTI, Gwangju, Korea 2001-2012 Professor, DIC, GIST, Gwangju, Korea 1999-2001 Invited Researcher, ATR, Japan 1991-1992 Researcher, Samsung AIT, Korea The <Ubiquitous VR> research aims at the development of new computing paradigms for future “digilog life in smart space” that covers diverse research areas, ranging from highly theoretical to practical and mathematical to intuitive. Specifically, three main research foci are planned : 3D Vision, DigiLog UI/UX, Context-Aware Mobile Augmented Reality(CAMAR), etc.
  2. 2. Track OverviewUbiquitous Virtual Reality 3D Visual ComputingDigiLog UI/UX CAMAR: Context-aware mAR RESEARCH INTERESTS
  3. 3. 3D Visual Computing • 4D+ Augmented Reality – RGB-D feature map for registration of dual spaces – COI-based Intelligent ARgraphy S te re o Vid e o S e e - th ro u g h H MD AR g u id an c e fo r C O Is re s is tratio n 3D D e p th C am e ra F e atu re le s s o b j c ts eMirro r s p ac eau g m e n tatio n ACHIEVEMENTS
  4. 4. DigiLog UI/UX • DigiLog – Digital content over analog world • DigiLog Book – Digital 3D content over Book • DigiLog Miniature Miniature 3D Contents (Real Object) (Virtual Object) 3D Object Tracking (CV) Digilog Miniature ACHIEVEMENTS
  5. 5. CAMAR: Recognition and Tracking • Object Recognition and Tracking – Template-based Detection and Tracking – Interactive Indoor Modeling and TrackingCAMAR : In-situ AR Mashup• COI-based AR Mashup – Hierarchical Context-based Web Content Aggregation – AR Infography for Dynamic Information Visualization and Interpretation ACHIEVEMENTS