A Grandfather's Prayer


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This is a monograph made up of prayers for grandchildren dictated by many and varied grandparents.

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A Grandfather's Prayer

  1. 1. A Grandfather’s Prayer... William R. Wilkie
  2. 2. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  3. 3. A Grandfather’s Prayer... Dr. William R. Wilkie Copyright © 2009 Copies cannot be made without permission Go4th Foundation 471 W. Long Lake Drive Harrison, Michigan 48625 (989) 339-4998 wwilkie at netscope.com All rights reserved under International Copyright Conventions. No portion of this book may be reproduced mechanically, electronically or by other means without permission of the publisher.
  4. 4. Acknowledgement to Contributors cknowledgement Contributors A Grandfather’s Prayer... Feel free to SHARE this e-Book with anyone who you think might benefit from it or quote it in the media. Thanks to Carol Davis who has encouraged me regarding the somewhat unusual experiences Carolyn and I have provided for our children. Carol has challenged me to share these with you. My extended family believes that God is on the move as it relates to the pivotal 4th grade or nine year old experiences both positive and negative. We have ample annecdotal information to see patterns that often last a lifetime. We are indebted to Bobb Biehl who first introduced us to the concept and then challenged us to create a camp for nine year olds as well as follow-up experiences and materials for parents. See www.go4thcamps.ning.com God is on the move. To give life to the grandfather’s prayer, “May God be as original with my grand children as he as been with me,” we asked grandfathers across the world to give us ACTION ITEMS that would be included in a collection. This is a collection written by those Grand-dads and PaPas. Thank you! Cover designed by John Tiechman.
  5. 5. Preface A Grandfather’s Prayer... Oswald Chambers wrote, “Let God be as original with you as he as been with others.” I have adapted that prayer for grandfathers around the world, “May God be as original with my grand children as he has been with me.” I now have eight grand chidren and I try to give legs to that prayer periodically by -Watching carefully after their first birthday to discover the clues regarding their passions in life. -Talking about that passion when we visit or talk on the telephone. -Giving gifts at Christmas and their birthdays consistent with their passions. -Identiting and organizing experiences and encounters around their passion. When my granddaughter Scout was seven years old and on her way to Grandfather Martin’s ranch for six weeks, she said to me, “Papa I know that you do not share my passion for horses like Grandpa Martin. But you always have a passion for helping me with my passion. Thank you!” Well grandfather, there is a role for you to play during the pivotal 4th grade that will never be forgotten because they are acquiring the mind of an adult. Even if you do not share their passion and mission in life, this book is filled with ACTION ITEMS for you and your grandchild.
  6. 6. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  7. 7. Table of Contents A Grandfather’s Prayer... 37 Trips… 73 Go4th Passions… 1 Core Values… -Contribution #1… 75 -Contribution #1… 3 -Contribution #1… 39 -Contribution #2... 77 -Contribution #2... 5 -Contribution #2... 41 -Contribution #3… 89 -Contribution #3… 7 -Contribution #3… 43 -Contribution #4... 45 Special People… 81 Biblical Passages… 9 -Contribution #1... 83 -Contribution #1... 11 Spiritual... 47 -Contribution #2… 85 -Contribution #2… 13 -Contribution #1… 49 -Contribution #3... 87 -Contribution #3... 15 -Contribution #2... 51 -Contribution #4… 89 -Contribution #4… 17 -Contribution #3… 53 55 Important Other… 91 Events… 19 Books: spiritual & other… -Contribution #1... 93 -Contribution #1... 21 -Contribution #1... 57 -Contribution #2… 95 -Contribution #2… 23 -Contribution #2… 59 -Contribution #3... 97 -Contribution #3... 25 -Contribution #3... 61 -Contribution #4… 99 -Contribution #4… 27 -Contribution #4… 63 -Contribution #5... 101 -Contribution #5... 29 -Contribution #5... 65 -Contribution #6... 103 -Contribution #6... 31 -Contribution #6... 67 -Contribution #7... 33 -Contribution #7... 69 71 Observations... 105 -Contribution #8... 35 -Contribution #8...
  8. 8. Go4th assions Go4th Passions A Grandfather’s Prayer... This section is dedicated to principles and examples of how we can identify and support the unique passions of our 4th grade grandchildren in the context of the Father’s mission in this world. So what are the many, varied and unusual ways that you have become involved in the lives and passions of your grandchildren. What do you look for? What are the questions you ask? And give us some examples of working with a 4th grader and their passion as well as the impact. 1
  9. 9. I am happy for you? A Grandfather’s Prayer... Cole, shy of 9-years by a smidgeon, expresses strong emotions when he invents a dance, prepares a speech, or sings a favorite tune. His heart stirs with performance. He asks Papa to watch, to listen to his performance which, of course, is his heart. He repeats. I stay focused in the midst of a busy home. I refrain from suggestions, though I am a performer too. The boy only needs my heart leant attention. His soul requires encouragement to find his own way, to be his gifts, to know the graces forming inside. I watch, and smile, and clap, and speak of what I know is true, “Cole, you look so happy. I am happy for you!” Rick Scheideman
  10. 10. Biblical Passages Passages The passages are A Grandfather’s Prayer... Genesis chapters 1-3 This section is dedicated to iden- John chapters 12-17 tifying Biblical passages that have Colossians chapters 1-4 special meaning to you and your life. For example, I have con- What are your sections of the cluded that a teen who compre- Bible that you would like them to hends, even though they might not remember. When you are gone, agree with passage or be willing they should be able to say, N”My to make a commitment, just 13 grandfather’s favorate passages of chapters of the Bible will have a the Bible were...” great foundation and understand- ing of what Christ and the Father Write out the passages with a were all about. These chapters brief description of why they are should be read several times dur- important to you. ing the 4th grade. You should also discuss them and the implications. 9
  11. 11. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  12. 12. Events A Grandfather’s Prayer... -Special events are points to remember. -They should be done with just one grandchild. -They should be at least one day in length. -Send us a picture or two if you have them. 19
  13. 13. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  14. 14. After Dinner Coffee A Grandfather’s Prayer... My wife and I are fortunate to get our grandson James for a week or two or three each year. When he was here celebrating his third birthday, his aunt and uncle, girl cousin and her grandparents all came to the house. My son-in-law, his father and I were sitting on the porch having coffee. James was left in the house with all ‘girls’. After looking at us and checking out the folks he was with he made the decision that ‘guys’ have coffee on the porch and decided that was the place for him. My wife made him some special ‘coffee’, consisting of milk, and he was happy to be part of the male fraternity, sitting around with the guys and dis- cussing whatever the topic was at the moment. Since then, whenever he is visiting, he and I always have our coffee on the porch after dinner. We get to discuss whatever is on his mind, which can range from swimming, to school, to the park, or anything he wants to talk about. It is a magical time for me and hopefully for him. I know he feels pretty special just to have the two of us spending time together. And if he thinks it is a special time for him, I’m sure at his age he has no idea how special it is for me.
  15. 15. A Grandfather’s Prayer... I think the greatest gift a grandfather can give his grandchildren is his time. Sometimes during those times grandfathers can also slip in some philosophy, lessons learned from a longer life, and ideas on what it means to be, and what is expected of a male member of our family. Which is honesty, integrity, and love of family and country. It sounds simple and yet in some ways it can be very complex for a young boy. I just pray that some of it sticks. John McKay
  16. 16. Core Values A Grandfather’s Prayer... Thom Wolf, the former pastor of the Church on Brady, observes that if you have more than five elements most people will not remember them. We want to identify 3-5 core values that all of us should introduce or reinforce with the 4th grader. What are your three along with a brief explanation? Or you can give us one and we will select the best three from the group. 27
  17. 17. Grandchildren Want to be Known A Grandfather’s Prayer... After having two of my three grandchildren on a weekend, I’m always amazed at how much fun we have at my house equipped with so few electronic gadgets or sophisticated toys. We busy ourselves with handmade (cheesy) crafts, build puzzles, play dress-up and make up corny stories during bath time. What hearty laughter we share only to end the day with quiet pillow talk where they tend to share the things that sometimes trouble their little hearts. They want to be known... What great opportunity and impact grandparents have by just listening! Anonymous ,
  18. 18. Spiritual A Grandfather’s Prayer... Each of us has spiritual experiences that we should share: Write one or more out and give it to each grandchild during the 4th grade with a description of why it is important. Please write out one or more of these experiences that we might share with others. 47
  19. 19. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day Devotion A Grandfather’s Prayer... On Thanksgiving day, the seven grandchildren ages 2,4, 13,13,13, and 14 plus two sixty five year old grandparents were worshipping God and praising him for our blessings. Hayden, the five year old, quickly answered my question, “What is our greatest blessing?” “With Jesus!” This led to several questions as to why, “He loves me!” so? “I can go to heaven” why? “Because He died for me!” and? “He took my sins!” What does that do for you? “I can go to God’s heaven, because He took my sins!” All four of the older grandkids knew the answers & the promise, but they let, no, they wanted to hear their young cousin proudly tell what he had learned at day care. The devotion ended with each of us praying a personal thank you to Jesus. What was special to me was the first devotional on Wednesday interrupted the usual play time. I was concerned that they did not appreciate or listen to the devotional. On thanksgiving, they were all tousling and out of the clear asked papa when we were going to have our devotional? Shortly after the devotional, all of us were crowded around the Thanksgiving table. Before our Thanksgiving prayer, I asked Hayden what was special about Thanksgiving and Jesus. His an- swer amazed his parents as well as surpassed their knowledge of Jesus in our lives. That Thanks- giving still is a landmark in reaching worldly focused young parents. Time taken to open the Word of God with our grandkids exceeded our greatest expectations. Don’t miss your chances! Gary Stephens
  20. 20. Books A Grandfather’s Prayer... Classics--”To Kill a Mocking Bird” My favorite genre--”Dune in Science Fiction” Children’s-- Chapter Books-- Spiritual for Children Spiritual for Adult Give us your category and your favorite list in each category along with a brief description or review. 57
  21. 21. A Grandfather’s Prayer... Literary Heros ¨How does one introduce a 9-year old to a literary hero?” One evening after supper, the family lingered at the table in conversation and, now and then, ‘cast a warning toward the boys to stop their bickering.’ I looked at the oldest, an emerging child becoming a youngster and it suddenly occurred to me, Mark Twain. I called Cole to my side, leaned back in my chair, and began a portion of a reci- tation I memorized as a one-man show of Sam Clemens. The folks around the table hushed. My grandson was unsure at first, then smiled and finally expressed the slack-jaw of concentration.
  22. 22. Trips A Grandfather’s Prayer... This section deals with either Trips you have taken or Trips you would like to take with a grandchild. It can be either the same trip for all grand children or a special but different trip for each one. An example that Carolyn and I shared over New Years was the idea of taking each grandchild to see the Rose Bowl Parade in California along with seeing their great grandparents. 73
  23. 23. A Grandfather’s Prayer... Trips to Anywhere Anywhere In 2008 we initiated a new tradition. We offer to each grandkid at age ten a trip to anywhere in the continental U.S.A. with Mimi and Opa. Just the three of us. A few weeks ago we enjoyed the first trip with our oldest grandson. What a treat! He planned it and made most of the decisions once we were in San Diego seeing all the fascinating things he had chosen. When Mimi asked him to rate the week on a scale of 1 to 10, he replied, “It was 100!” Does that bless grand parents or what?! A week later, staying in his house in Virginia, our second grandson came down early to celebrate his 9th birthday before we left for our home in Phoenix. “I was awake at 4:00 A.M.,” he announced. I asked him why. “I was thinking about where my trip should be next year,” he replied. This is another affirmation that a special trip with each grandchild is a good idea. Bob Andringa
  24. 24. Special People A Grandfather’s Prayer... Each of us has special people in our lives. For many of us it will be our 4th grade teacher. For others, it will be a relative. For some, it will be a best friend or mentor. If they are still living, go have lunch with them and introduce them to your grandchild and tell the grandchild why they were important. Describe a special person for us and why. 81
  25. 25. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  26. 26. Important Other A Grandfather’s Prayer... The best ideas are often one’s we did not think of and grow out of your own personal experience. Please write out a description of one or more important others for us. Thanks for your help in joining “God on the move.” 91
  27. 27. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  28. 28. Observations Observations from Grandfathers A Grandfather’s Prayer... “Each one of these three little gems is so unique. Just as with our two sons, we see how God’s design can be identified in the first couple years of life and yet continues to unfold. Can we now identify each one’s gifts, passions and motivations? Yes, to some extent. Can we provide experiences, give a creative and relevant gift, and say the right things to encourage the best of them? Yes, to some extent. But our greatest influence with the grandkids is probably the investment we made in raising their father.” Bob Andringa
  29. 29. A Grandfather’s Prayer...
  30. 30. A Grandfather’s Prayer... If you are interested in Bill Wilkie speaking, conducting half day workshops for parents or attending a Go4th camp, please contact us: wwilkie at netscope.com