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Deutsche bank profile & history & objectives are shown here.It has been prepared with my frieds

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Deutsche bank

  2. 2. HISTORY 1870-1919 Founded in Berlin in 1870 as a specialist bank for foreign trade Branches inaugurated in 1871 looking further afield in North and South America, Asia, and Turkey "Frankfurter Zeitung" told its readers that Deutsche Bank was "the biggest bank in the world“
  3. 3. 1919-1933• Postwar period - lost most of its foreign assets• Obliged to sell other holdings• Get into another business-energy• Bank played a significant role in the establishment of the film production company• Merged with other local banks in 1929 to create Deutsche Bank
  4. 4. 1933-1945• After Adolf Hitler came to power, the bank was involved in 363 such confiscations by November 1938• Incorporated other banks that fell into German hands during the occupation of Eastern Europe
  5. 5. POST-WWII In 1948, ordered Deutsche Banks break-up into ten regional banks These 10 regional banks were later consolidated into three major banks in 1952: Norddeutsche Bank AG; Süddeutsche Bank AG; and Rheinisch- Westfälische Bank AG In 1957, these three banks merged to form Deutsche Bank AG with its headquarters in Frankfurt
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES• To transact banking business of all kinds, in particular to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany, other European countries.• The Historical Association has approximately 1,900 members• economic and social developments
  7. 7. …..CONTD• Increasing profitability in the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) with renewed risk and balance sheet discipline;• A focus on core Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) businesses and home market leadership;• A focus on Asia as a key driver of revenue growth;• A renewed emphasis on Deutsche Bank’s performance culture.
  8. 8. • Applications based on modern Web-Technologies of the type of Industrye.g.Banks/ Insurance, Commerce, Industry upto scientific-technical topics.• Implementation of software for scientific-technical and technical-industrial areas, also in form of „INFORMATIONSoftware“.
  9. 9. • Objective offers several development and analysis products for modern IT-platforms• Since 2007, an extensive development and test environment for Microcontroller software and hardware systems is also available.• DEVELOPMENT- AND ANALYSIS TOOLS
  10. 10. Deutsche Bank AGType AktiengesellschaftTraded as FWB: DBK, NYSE: DBIndustry Financial servicesFounded 1870Headquarters Frankfurt am Main, GermanyArea served WorldwideKey people Josef Ackermann (CEO and chairman of the management board), Clemens Börsig(Chairman of the supervisory board)Products Investment, commercial, retailand private banking, asset management [1]Revenue €33.2 billion (2011) [1]Profit €4.3 billion (2011) [1]Total assets €2.164 trillion (end 2011) [1]Total equity €2.4 billion (end 2011) [2]Employees 102,060 (FTE, end 2010)Website
  11. 11. PERFORMANCE Year 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 Net €4.3b €2.3b €5.0b €- €6.5b €6.1b €3.5b €2.5b €1.4b IncoPerformance n n n 3.9bn n n n n n meReve €33.2 €28.6 €28.0 €13.5 €30.7 €28.5 €25.6 €21.9 €21.3nues bn bn bn bn bn bn bn bn bnReturn on - 5% 18% -29% 30% 26% 16% 1% 7%EquityDivid - 0.75 0.75 0.5 4.5 4.0 2.5 1.7 1.5end
  12. 12. • Deutsche Bank has been transformed over the past five years, moving from a German-centric organisation that was renowned for its retail and commercial presence to a global investment bank that is less reliant on its traditional markets for its profitability.• The bank has been widely recognized for this change and was named International Financing Reviews Bank of the Year twice in a three year period, in 2003 and 2005. It has also won the prize in 2010.
  13. 13. • For the 2008 financial year, Deutsche Bank reported its first annual loss in five decades. despite receiving billions of dollars from its insurance arrangements with AIG, including $11.8bn from funds provided by US taxpayers to bail out AIG.• October 2011: Based on a preliminary estimation from the European Banking Authority (EBA), Deutsche Bank AG needs to raise capital about 1.2 billion euros ($1.7 billion) as part of a required 9 percent core Tier 1 ratio after sovereign debt write down starting in mid-2012.
  14. 14. MISSIONDeutsche Bank’s mission statement is: “We competeto be the leading global provider of financial solutions,creating lasting value for our clients, our shareholders,our people and the communities in which weoperate.” The bank’s business model rests on twopillars: the Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB) andPrivate Clients & Asset Management (PCAM).
  15. 15. Thank you