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Celebrating water: World Water Day 2010


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Celebrating water: World Water Day 2010

  1. Credit: Brent Stirton / Getty Images Water... Amazon rainforest, Loreto region, Peru.
  2. Credit: Juan Pratginestos / WWF-Canon ...a home to species Yellow-spotted river turtle; Jaú National Park, Amazonas, Brazil
  3. Credit: Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon Magpie goose Large flock in Kakadu National Park, Australia
  4. Credit: François Xavier Pelletier / WWF-Canon Amazon river dolphin, Brazil
  5. Credit: Mark Edwards / WWF-Canon ...a source of life... Freshwater supply, Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania
  6. Credit: Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon School girls filling water bottles at a water tap. Nairobi City, Kenya
  7. Credit: Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada Child drinking from a water fountain, Canada
  8. Credit: Mark Edwards / WWF-Canon Man collecting freshwater. Jakarta, Java, Indonesia.
  9. Credit: Yifei ZHANG / WWF-Canon ...a way of life... Boy angling in Huayanxi National Park in Changde City, Hunan Province, China
  10. Credit: Sandra Mbanefo Obiago / WWF-Canon A lone fisherman paddles homewards on Lake Malawi, Malawi
  11. Credit Credit: Tantyo Bangun / WWF-Canon A freshwater catfish that has just been caught. Kayan Mentarang National Park, Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia
  12. Credit: Edward Parker / WWF-Canon need of care A scientist testing wetland pools to monitor changes in pH Cuatrocienigas Chihuahua Desert, Mexico
  13. Credit: Hartmut Jungius / WWF-Canon Dr. Rimma Andronova, Director of the Crane Reintroduction Centre in the Khingansky Zapovednik (Strict Nature Reserve). Amur floodplain. Far East. Russian Federation
  14. Credit: Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF-UK Zhang Shenyuan works with WWF to manage the wetland at the Yangchai Lake Management Station. Lake Hong, China.
  15. Credit: Michèle Dépraz / WWF-Canon ...too often taken for granted Irrigation of corn fields near Dunakiliti in the Danube floodplain is of great concern. Szigetkozi Nature Reserve, Hungary
  16. Credit: Michel Gunther / WWF-Canon Dam that will be replaced by the new Three Gorges dam. Yangtze River, Yiachang. China
  17. Credit: Adam Oswell / WWF-Canon Cracked, dry earth is all that is left in many of the rivers and creeks as a result of extreme drought conditions. Marsden District, Western NSW. Australia.
  18. Credit: Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada Water...cherish every precious drop.