Best Practices: Physical Activity in the Workplace


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Thank you to all who participated in the April 17, 2012 meeting, Best Practices in Physical Activity and to our guest speakers, Karen Kelly, RN, Director of Health and Wellness at Borislow Insurance, and Linda Vacovec A.C.E.- Plus One Health Management.

When introducing a physical activity program as part of a worksite wellness program, it isn't uncommon to face challenges with program selection, maintaining employee engagement, and building physical activity into the everyday workplace culture. Karen and Linda shared their best practices and success stories on mastering these basics.

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  • the role that business can play in making Massachusetts the national leader in health and wellness
  • Full service benefits broker located in Methuen
  • A part of every day life and culture- walking meetings, company outings, client meetings, sitting on stability ball.
  • A part of every day life and culture- walking meetings, company outings, client meetings, sitting on stability ball.
  • Leadership support- we have been so fortunate to have two principals who are passionate about wellness and have made significant investments into our wellness program and fitness center. Timing of initiatives, busier times than others Evaluate outcomes Not everyone is going to participate Celebrate successes- recognize ee’s reaching a goal,
  • Best Practices: Physical Activity in the Workplace

    1. 1. Agenda• Introductions and Welcome• WWCMA Announcements• Program – Best Practices: Physical Activity in the Workplace
    2. 2. Thank You!in kind contribution: Meeting space
    3. 3. Mission• The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts aims to: – promote worksite wellness within the business community – create a community and peer group of worksite health promotion professionals – represent health promotion professionals as a common voice on professional matters – implement quality professional development activities – facilitate communication and networking about health promotion matters amongst worksite health promotion professionals, business and education communities, and general communities. – grow by increasing membership, improving services and continuing innovation – liaise with other Massachusetts and national professional organizations focused on worksite health promotion.
    4. 4. WWCMA 2012 Activities•Sponsorship campaign underway•Membership campaign planning•Building relationships with like-minded organizations•Committees carry out work•All Volunteer meeting•First Annual Event – September 19th•Six programs•Two education/certification events
    5. 5. Thanks to our Sponsors Gold Level Sponsor Silver Level Sponsor
    6. 6. Sponsorship Opportunities• Numerous opportunities for visibility for health promotion related organizations• Sponsorship levels start at $2,000.• Includes: – Event admissions – Visibility at all WWCMA events – Logo on all WWCMA marketing materials – All member benefits – Much more…
    7. 7. Membership Benefits2012 Membership Campaign starts May 1st:•Free Monthly Educational Meetings and Networking.•Member-Only and Employer-Only Networking Events.•Online Subscription to American Journal of HealthPromotion (AJHP)•Member Resources Directory•Career Development Job Postings•Monthly E -Newsletter & Content from monthly programs•Workplace Awards Program Update (Coming Soon!)
    8. 8. WellCert® Certification Save the Date: June 13-14th Level 1: Certified Wellness Program CoordinatorLarry Chapman, MHP, CWPChapman Institute
    9. 9. WWCMA First Annual ConferenceSave the Date: Wednesday, September 19thDee Edington, Ph.D John Auerbach, MBAUniversity of Michigan, Health Research Center Commissioner, MA Department of Public HealthAuthor – “Zero Trends
    10. 10. Marketing and Communications LinkedIn Group @WorkWellMA
    11. 11. Call for Case Studies• Tell us about your worksite wellness program• Collecting case studies to profile the great work Massachusetts companies are doing to improve the health of their employees• Watch for link in post-meeting communications
    12. 12. Today’s ProgramBest Practices: Physical Activity in the Workplace Presented by: Karen Kelly, BS, RN, CCM – Borislow InsuranceLinda Vacovec A.C.E.- Plus One Health Management
    13. 13. Best Practice in Physical Activity WWCMA April 17, 2012Presented by Karen Kelly, RNDirector of Health and WellnessBorislow Insurance
    14. 14. Who We Are
    16. 16. Building the BI Healthy Advantage Program▪ Foundation▪ Creating awareness/culture▪ Level of fitness▪ Community based activities▪ Toolkit programs▪ Team challenges▪ Integrated approach▪ Informal activities▪ Core values
    17. 17. Sample Programs▪ Step Up to the Plate▪ GPS-Great Pedometer Stepoff▪ NFL▪ Annual Tufts 10K/relays▪ Summer Olympics▪ Onsite Fitness Center▪ Personal training▪ Yoga with YogaSource▪ Everyday activity
    18. 18. Michele’s Story▪ Tufts 10K first race▪ Four races per year▪ Two half marathons▪ Marathon in 2013
    19. 19. Engagement/Participation▪ Average 80-100%▪ Leadership participation▪ Surveys▪ Individual vs team based▪ Recognition▪ Incentives▪ Incentive tracking program
    20. 20. INTRODUCING THE BI EMPLOYEE FITNESS CENTER▪ Investment▪ Planning▪ Personal Trainer▪ Onsite classes▪ Employee commitment▪ Engagement and participation▪ Future offerings
    21. 21. Keys to Success▪ Leadership Support ▪ Add physical activity Picture(s) here▪ Commitment▪ Marketing▪ Realistic▪ Flexible▪ Evaluate programs▪ Creative▪ Celebrate▪ Utilize resources
    22. 22. What are the BI Employees Saying?
    23. 23. May ProgramPromoting Preventive Care in the Workplace Tuesday, May 15th 7:30am – 9:00 am American Heart Association Framingham, MA Save the Date!