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Sport Street- Social Network


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Whatever our age, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, gender or location, there’s one thing we all have in common: our universal love of sports. Sport is part of our hearts and our souls. We love to play. We love to coach. We love to teach. We love to watch, predict, Monday-morning-quarterback, boast, celebrate and cry. We feel like we personally know the players. And know better than the coaches. We feel like we’re a physical and emotional extension of our favorite teams. But above all, we love to share what we think about sports with each other, all the time. So where can we do it?

Facebook is busting at the seams. It’s overexposed, overcrowded and suffers from users’ over-sharing posts with a sea of "Friends" who don't always share the same interests. It’s created a movement towards niche social networks—a vital evolution in social media that aims to keep users more engaged, more entertained and forever loyal.

The time has never been more prime than right now for Sport Street.

Sport Street is a revolutionary, game-changing niche social site for sports fans everywhere. It’s a place where everyone—regardless of your level of fandom—can enjoy following, chatting and posting…to share in the elation of victories, the despair of defeats, and most importantly, the fun of each and every experience. It’s a place where each fan can feel comfortable building a home to immerse themselves in teams, games, players and news… because they will know that everyone else who lives on Sport Street shares their passion and is doing exactly what they are: simply expressing and indulging in their enduring love of sports.

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Sport Street- Social Network

  1. 1. • A social network for sports fans• Integrated with Facebook • All Facebook Friends automatically transfer over• Share News, Pictures, and Videos• Create Post• Join Live Game Chats• Join networks of fans
  2. 2. • News Feed of friends and favorite teams• Manage what games you are watching• Follow Live Scores• See Breaking News• See how many points you have
  3. 3. • Check In to Live Games Either at game or watching on TV• Join in with other fans that are checked in and discuss what is going on• Get live updates from team’s twitter and news sites
  4. 4. • Can Join Teams from NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, various soccer leagues, or create your own team• Your In a community of other fans and get to share knowledge with them• Will get updates about game times, injuries, and breaking news when you join that team
  5. 5. • You can upload news articles, photos, videos, or just share your words• Sometimes your miles away from your favorite team but now you can feel like your right there
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