Rejuvenate Your Personal Brand


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Developed and presented a professional workshop titled Rejuvenate Your Personal Brand: How to Polish Your Online Image at the PKP national convention on August 11, 2012 in St. Louis, MO.

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Rejuvenate Your Personal Brand

  2. 2. Professional Workshop Summary Strengthen your personal brand Create a memorable online profile Use LinkedIn for career development Adapt your elevator speech for online Develop a personal online marketing strategyUse Twitter Hashtag: #PKP2012
  3. 3. Strengthen your personal brandA personal brand distinguishes you fromthe crowd by showcasing your specialtiesand expertise.  What is unique about you?  What is your passion?  What is your value proposition?
  4. 4. Strengthen your personal brandDevelop an online presence  Facebook  YouTube  LinkedIn  Twitter  Pinterest  Flickr  Personal website  Personal blog
  5. 5. Strengthen your personal brandBecome known as a specialist  Create your own blog  Link to other blogs  Comment on other blogs  Participate in LinkedIn group conversations  Join in Twitter chats
  6. 6. Create a memorable online profileAn online profile that maintainsconsistency across social networkingsites helps boost your online presence andcreditability.  Write a concise and powerful summary  Include volunteer work  Add skills, foreign language, projects  Choose attention-grabbing words
  7. 7. Use LinkedIn for career development Join the right groups Ask incisive questions on discussion boards Comment on topics with relevant, helpful advice Conduct polls Start a reading list – follow other reading lists Use SlideShare app to showcase your work
  8. 8. Adapt your elevator speech for onlineAn elevator speech is a short summarythat quickly informs others about yourskills, interests and professionalbackground. Focus on others’ needs Demonstrate how you can help Articulate your value proposition  What do you do?  What problems can you solve?  What three core values do you have?
  9. 9. Develop a personal online marketingstrategyA marketing plan with objectives helpsdefine your overall goals, keeps youfocused and saves time. Commit to one hour a week Select one or two social networking sites Keep a social media content calendar Find social networking sites that like-minded people use
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