IbroadcastPro: multi format broadcasting


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Multi format broadcast solution.
Costs saving, easy to use, communicates with all formats!

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IbroadcastPro: multi format broadcasting

  1. 1. iBroadcast Pro
  2. 2. The definitive software solution for professional video production and broadcasting. iBroadcast Pro™ is a complete end-to-end top-to-bottom digital solution for automated professional TV broadcasting, HD film production, and cinema multicasting.
  3. 3. SAO Vision SA Oregon embraces the vision to research, design and produce elegant software solutions that meet the future needs and expectations of the multimedia market. We vision our flagship product, iBroadcast Pro, becoming the market leader in digital media management, production and broadcast systems, whether HD or internet quality video. Taking into account that the Infinity Core Video Server is able to play out all popular video formats such as H.264, WMV, etc.. we also expect the system to bring professional media production and broadcast tools and standards, once only available to professional TV broadcasters, to internet television.
  4. 4. Modules I Broadcast Pro • MCR – Continuity Remote Master Control Room • Infinity Core Server SD/HD/IPTV Video Server • Ingest – Scheduled batch recordings from externals sources • Librarian – Media and Content Management Portal to Net library • Traffic – Centre Piece of ibroadcast Pro entire workflow process centralized and controlled • Mobile MCR – For remote Live-Direct Location broadcasts Bree 4
  5. 5. Modules I Broadcast Pro • IPTV-plug-in – For IPTV broadcast World • Net Library – For international video sharing with fingerprinted ISAN registration • Production – HD film production • Traffic – Centre Piece of ibroadcast Pro entire workflow process centralized and controlled • Cinema – For use in filmless cinema Bree 5
  6. 6. MCR - Master Control Room • SAO MCR connects to and controls any number of video servers as well as VTR, Beta cams, Video Hubs and Video Mixers. • It includes a legal record plug-in, teleprompter plug-in; CG controller and mini librarian interface with play list management. • It synchronizes with multiple networked MCRs to provide fail-safe redundant operation. • It communicates and synchronizes in real-time with other MCR clients that are connecting to the same on-air play list. • It manages events and GPI triggers while providing the overall security mechanism found throughout the entire iBroadcast Pro™ suite.
  7. 7. Infinity Core Server - SD/HD/IPTV configurations •Infinity Core Server is a sleek 1u rack-mounted server available in SD and HD versions. The HD version is compatible with HDV and HDVC Pro 100. • The SD version can play MPEG2, H.264, WM9, DV, DVC Pro50 as well as file formats such as QuickTime, AVI, Matrox and raw uncompressed formats. • The SAO Server can transmit multi format content seamlessly with zero frame loss in the same play list. The SD version has two simultaneous transmitting channels and two simultaneous independent recording channels. • The Infinity Core Server can be controlled through VDCP by any standard automated television software. • The Infinity Core Server is also especially designed to operate remotely with MCR and, although it is extremely reliable, it features 'automatic redundancy' for added peace of mind. • This automatic redundancy is available when used with the MCR or when used with 3rd party OEM applications using the Infinity Core Server SDK. • The Infinity Server is compatible with FTP and SMB protocols and is designed to work through fiber optic or gigabit networks.
  8. 8. iBroadcast Pro's Infinity Core Video Server Specifications:  2 SMPTE 259M, 274M, 295M & 296M (HD/SD) transmitters and 2 receivers  Real-time hardware color space converter  Real-time hardware key  Supports uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit/12-bit digital video capture/playback  Bypass relays with automatic failover loop through  External tri-level “Black burst” genlock reference input  HD/SD input as reference  Local clock for stand alone output/fail safe support  Dual link 12-bit capture or playback  Universal genlock: input, black burst or HD Trisync  Time code management (VITC, LTC, ATC)  Cable equalization on the receiver input  Bypass relays with automatic failover loop through
  9. 9. Ingest • Ingest is a software package that remotely connects to and provides a user friendly interface for the Infinity Core servers in order to perform manual and scheduled batch recordings as well as ingest material from external sources such as VTR’s, Beta cams, XD Cams, etc. • The Ingest interface connects to the Librarian for the registration and cataloging of all media assets which enters the production and broadcast system. • iBroadcast Pro incorporates a full feature set of intellectual property management services such as media fingerprinting, ISAN registration, secure key management, and compliance tracking. • Ingest accesses these IP management services via the iNet Library.
  10. 10. Librarian • Librarian organizes and catalogs the metadata for all digital media assets available for ingest into the production/broadcast/multicast pipeline. • Librarian also offers simplified ingesting features for tasks which do not require the sophistication and features of Ingest. • Librarian offers a cataloguing module that allows digital media librarians to search, organize, store, retrieve, tag, manage, and archive audiovisual material locally and remotely through a virtual private network (VPN). All searches performed through the Librarian automatically generates key word identifiers, which enhance the intelligence of future searches. Librarian also includes a transcoding module which creates lower-resolution audiovisual clips for browsing over a network. • Librarian offers full integration with popular editing suites, offering drag and drop access to all audiovisual assets regardless of whether they are stored locally or remotely. Once the audiovisual assets are accessed, they are registered in pipeline and any changes to the material will trigger automatic fingerprinting and have the option for requesting ISAN registration. • Librarian also incorporates StudioComm for internal communications within the broadcast studio as well as with international offices, remote broadcast locations and satellite studios through a VPN; providing messaging, chat and VOIP functions to enhance collaboration throughout the pipeline.
  11. 11. Traffic • Traffic is the centerpiece of iBroadcast Pro™. This is where the entire workflow process of a TV station is centralized and controlled. The weekly and monthly run down of the broadcast schedule is planned, organized and managed here. Traffic interfaces with Librarian and MCR to produce the play list for broadcasting. Different users can simultaneously work in unison and separately in a modern fashion. • Traffic is a one stop solution that enables all broadcasting departments to work harmoniously and seamlessly for maximum efficiency and simplified work flow in the production and scheduling of news, sports, and advertising program spots. • For time-critical broadcast output throughout the network, Traffic as well as MCR and Ingest are synchronised through one fail-safe centralized clock application.
  12. 12. iBroadcast Pro's Librarian
  13. 13. iBroadcast Pro iBroadcast Pro is a suite of interoperable software components designed for the media production and broadcast industry. These software components have been designed from the ground-up by seasoned experts in broadcast software and digital media delivery. The components are installed with a custom set of third-party applications to provide a feature-rich production pipeline that can function 24/7 in real-time mission-critical situations. iBroadcast Pro provides the mechanism and framework for handling the five major activities within any production/broadcast pipeline: Capture, Create, Management, Control, and Cast. The underlying concept of iBroadcast Pro is to modernize broadcast and production studios and conventional cinema by replacing tape and film-based workflows with a software-oriented 'end-to-end' solution, as well as bringing to internet TV a professional solution. Software solutions are, by nature, highly configurable and allow the creation of flexible pipelines that meet specific workflow needs. iBroadcast Pro has the potential to dramatically increase the efficiency, productivity, and quality of any production/broadcast operation. 14
  14. 14. This means: * Less start up costs * Reduced 'over priced & expensive' hardware needs * More expandability - Free software updates with service contract * Reduced human resource needs * Space saving - software replaces - tape libraries, physical VTR, Betacams & cabling * Less complexity, less hardware, less employees * Less onsite technician needs - as there is a remote support team * Reliable * Time Critical * Less Maintenance and operations costs * Superior & simplified work flow iBroadcast Pro™ The Definitive Professional Production and Broadcast Solution
  15. 15. SAO SDK SAO SDK is a full featured multiplatform application software development toolkit centered around multimedia, working seamlessly in Mac OSX, Windows, Unix and SAO Iris and allowing the development of applications from the ground up. All SAO software is built upon the SAO SDK allowing fast and reliable development. iBroadcast Pro is built upon the Broadcast-Toolkit which in turn is built entirely upon the lower lever SAO SDK. Infinity SDK Infinity SDK is used to interface with the Infinity Core Server and is built upon the SAO SDK. It allows quick, fail-safe broadcast and production application software development for OEM companies.
  16. 16. Iris SAO Iris is a extremely light weight Unix based Operating System. Not only is Iris designed to be used in very low powered platforms but also in a cluster able distributed manner in cloud computing. The kernel is loosely based on a branch of Linux but modified into a nano/exokernel design. An extremely light weight windowing system replaces X-window and uses the SAO SDK as the lowest level and native programming interface for the window server as well as thin wrappers for the system calls. Iris also is fully POSIX compliant, while SAO SDK allows a transparent quot;cluster computing” interface to the programmer. X-window can run on Iris for legacy applications. Except for similarities in the roots of the kernel, Iris shares little resemblance to other Unix-type operating systems as the entire system is easily managed through the GUI and the system is designed to be as powerful as any other current OS on the market as well as being very intuitive and simple to use. The goals of Iris are to facilitate and simplify multimedia application development. All application development is through a uniform extremely straight forward and light weight interface, the SAO SDK, and allows native cluster and distributed cloud computing application design without any special SDKs, libraries or modules.
  17. 17. iBroadcast Pro Specs
  18. 18. Java vs C++
  19. 19. C++ vs SAO
  20. 20. SAO Applications • SAO SDK 100 KB • SAO Broadcast Toolkit 157 KB • MAM and Cataloguen App. 300 KB • TOTAL: 557 KB • No 3rd party Dlls, no FrameWorks, Necessary.
  21. 21. Comparable Systems • MAM 25 MB • Active X, COM 25 MB • MFC, .Net Dlls 25 MB • 3rd Party Dlls 25 MB • TOTAL 100 MB • Modern Computers come with 4GB Resident Memory, but portable ARM systems, do not...
  22. 22. Trend To Bloat... To Waste... (Win-Tel Connection, Agreement) • Windows Vista 20 GB • (No Applications) (20,000 MB!) • Windows 95 100 MB • Full installation • Menuet OS(Written in Assembler) 1 MB (764 KB) • Pre-emptive 64 bit multitasking, multithread Withwebbrowser, applications,etc.
  23. 23. GUI Concept WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointers) concept invented in 1970, basic concept has not changed since. Optimus View (No Windows, No Menus, No Floating Dialogs, etc.) New concept Note: A “similiar” approach is being seen in Windows 7 “Adjustable Windows..”for example
  24. 24. InfinityCoreApplications Comprised of 3 Components • User Interface • ApplicationBackend/Clusterable/Remote • CluterMaster
  25. 25. Web Applications • Not a NativeApplication .. Say no more.. • Requireoverhead of browser • Requireoverhead of JVM • Requireoverhead of FrameWork • Requireoverhead of Servlets, or Perl, PHP, on Server Side • General Poorperformacecomparedtonativeapplications • No built in Applicationclustering • ExtremelyhardtoDebug has manyframeworks and systems are involved, Ouch!
  26. 26. MultiFormat MultiPlatform Databaseisclustering/Redundantthroughthe software. AnyPlatform: Windows, Mac, Unix Any Framework: .Net, Directshow, FFMpeg, Quiktime, etc.. AnyDatabaseorToolkit: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, etc..
  27. 27. Infinity Core Video Server Multiformat Multicontainer Multicompression ALL SEAMLESSLY in thesameplaylist
  28. 28. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro introduces the G3 to communicate with industry standard protocols, as it didn’t have it before. Is multi platform from the start and is compatible with industry standard protocols, no messy patching and software re-engineering like OmniBus G3
  29. 29. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro is proprietary based software, with Windows based modules, and Web Browser Applications has no proprietary software, no Web Browser Applications, iBroadcast Pro is built in a style very similar to the Linux Kernel. iBroadcast Pro is multi- platform, multi-os, and, multi-architecture
  30. 30. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro For IPTV, OmniBus again offers re-engineering , re-coding, and messy patch (but they do nosay re-coding, re-engineering, they say quot;..integrates leading edge technology... I really like their marketing gy :-) quot;Colossus 3quot; to quot;bridge the gap to IPTV...“ is future proof, no messy re-engineering, no messy re-coding. iBroadcast Pro accepts IPTV, from quot;day onequot;, and any other medium of transportations through a plug-in mechanism
  31. 31. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro advertises quot;Multi-Channelquot; But NOT quot;Multi- Formatquot;. Although they support various formats such as Mpeg2, DV25, etc.. they do not have multi-format SEAMLESSLY in the same playlist. is Multi-Format seamlessly in the same playlist, and Multi-Channel. iBroadcast Pro is also designed by the inventor of the World's First Multi-Format Video Server NAB 2007, Las Vegas.
  32. 32. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro offers remote module control.. as known as in more normal technical terms as a quot;Web Browser applicationquot; and/or quot;client-server applications“ From the web page http://www.ibroadcastpro.com/SAO- Multi-Format-Video-Server.htm , the Infinity core isquot;..more than a just few steps beyond network enabled applications.. Use the full power of parallel computing... Infinity Core.quot; iBroadcast Pro is based on cloud computing. Maybe it's 10 years ahead of it's time...
  33. 33. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro only supports AMD processors not Intel, etc... and is Windows based runs on Intel, AMD, SUN, Power PC, etc..etc... it is also Multi- OS and open architecture design (once again it is heavily based on the programming methodology of Linux. Linux runs on Power PC, Intel, AMD, SUN, ARM, Mobile phones, PDAs, Xbox, Play Station, etc..etc..etc.. Windows programming concept and proprietary concepts on the contrary must be completely re-engineered from the ground up fore architecture)
  34. 34. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro GUI's, in my opinion,are like all other broadcast software solutions: quot;of Bad Tastequot;, ugly , hard to use, complicated, require lots of training, not intuitive. has Optimus View. This (quot;fingers crossedquot;.. with the right marketing) will render the competitions' GUIs obsolete.
  35. 35. Omnibus versus iBroadcast Pro has a MAM and has remote access. Also supports file transfers. iBP’sNetLibrary is an entirely new concept . It is a social network which will include Digital Cinema, Film producers, Video content providers, it is a social network for professionals, with Buying/Selling/Trading, and ADVERTISING!
  36. 36. : Lightyearsahead….. – Not only is iBroadcast Pro designed to be future proof, but pays attention to very important details that other software solutions do not consider:  Other software solutions are about filling the hole, as software solutions are needed right now in the digital video world. They are focused on the software needs of today.  iBroadcast Pro is not only filling a hole. iBP is about adapting to the future direction that the industry will follow. About filling the software needs of the future! As well as those of today.
  37. 37. BUZZ CREATING The 39