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What can bread do? weifei


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What can bread do? weifei

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What can bread do? weifei

  1. 1. WHAT CAN BREAD DO? Team - 23391
  2. 2. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Eatting Of course! bread is a kind of food for eatWeiFei from ShangHai, China
  3. 3. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Counting You can ask your child :”how much bread in the table?” Child :” one , two ,three……”WeiFei from ShangHai, China
  4. 4. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Reward After counting, if your child gave you correct answered, then you can gave he/she one bread for Reward. He/she will be very happy!WeiFei from ShangHai, China
  5. 5. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Punishment If your child gave you incorrect answered, you can eat all the bread instead of giving him as punishment.WeiFei from ShangHai, China
  6. 6. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Catching mouse Put some poison on bread ,then it can catch mouseWeiFei from ShangHai, China
  7. 7. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Removing odor Remove the skin of bread, then it can removal the odor in refrigeratorWeiFei from ShangHai, China
  8. 8. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Shining shoesWeiFei from ShangHai, China
  9. 9. WHAT CAN BREAD DO  Being eraserWeiFei from ShangHai, China