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Airsoft minigun o


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Airsoft minigun o

  1. 1. Airsoft Mini GunWhenyou really want to go to war you need a serious weapon to get the job done.T his Airsoft MiniGun is the real deal weighing in at 33lbs, it is a 1:1 scale of a actual mini gun, and fires at a rate of400 rounds per minute.Buy It$3,500.00via Amazon.comWhetheryou’re looking to quell a revolutionor just feel like beefing up your home security, the airsoft mini gun is the only weaponyou’ll ever need.It’s a high powered mini gun capable ofshelling out up to 90 BBs per second from six rotating barrels designedspecifically to quiet any opponent.The airsoft mini gunisn’t your grandpa’s bb gun, it’s powered by a 12 volt battery and custom built out of a sturdy but lightweightaluminum frame that holds six barrels; you can decide whether to equip the mini gun witheither long orshort barrels. The minigun weighs around 40 pounds so mobility is somewhat limited, but compensates by coming with a magazine of 1,700 rounds soyou won’t need to be doing any of the running.All you have to do is aim and shoot, withso much power in your hands, you’ll feeljust like the Terminator.