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  1. 1. Nanofabrication, NanoDisplay and NanoRobotics Jing Li, Shannon Yao, Christine Wu
  2. 2. NanoRobotics The technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer NanoDisplays A display composed of nano-sized cells Nanofabrication Building or sculpting on the nano-scale on the level of individual molecules
  3. 3. NanoRobotics Still being developed, but primitive molecular machine has been tested, for example, a sensor having a switch approx. 1.5 nanometers across, and capable of counting specific molecules in a chemical sample. Nanofabrication IBM’s manipulation of Xenon atoms on nickel to form the logo NanoDisplays University of Michigan develops Super High-Def Displays
  4. 4. NanoRobotics Still highly speculative. Four different approaches: 1. Biochip 2. Nucleic Acid (Nubots) 3. Positional nanoassembly 4. Bacteria based Offer a possible cheap fabrication method in the future due to self replicating properties of the nanobots.
  5. 5. NanoDisplays New color filter technology. Cheaper, more flexible, more compact than traditional LCD screens.
  6. 6. Nanofabrication Top-Down Approach Bottom-Up Approach
  7. 7. NanofabricationNanoDisplaysNanoRobotics Can help with advances in medical field, such as diagnosis, medicine delivery, and cure. Detection of toxic chemicals and measurement of concentration in environment Detailed control of materials allows for creation of new materials Gives ability to create super-high density microprocessors and memory chips because each data bit could be stored in a single atom Higher Resolution displays. Cost-efficient way of creating displays. More energy efficient, because it uses natural light.
  8. 8. Disassembly of material created via Nanofabrication Harnessing energy for nanorobots Using air as a raw material for Nanofabrication Nano-sensor technology Nano-wires What we have left to research…