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Unique but fast make your tizen gui application brilliant


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The GUI is the the most important part of modern applications. It’s getting difficult to implement modern UX design for developers because it requires more intuitive and better intelligent user interactions. In the meantime, simple and unique design is a good point for application identity.

In this session, the speaker will first share the core concepts behind Tizen native programming, then will present how to create custom UI designs for Tizen applications, using elegant GUI tools.

Finally, he will demonstrate how to develop and custom design a fancy-looking application.

During this session, the focus will not be on Tizen specifically but on modern GUI application development with EFL, which is the core UI Toolkit for Tizen.

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Unique but fast make your tizen gui application brilliant

  1. 1. Unique but fast! Make your Tizen apps shine ChunEon Park / July 22 2015 Samsung Electronics
  2. 2.  Ideas to improve your GUI application  Where is modern GUI programming going?
  3. 3. Where is modern GUI programming going?
  4. 4. Modern Mobile App UI’s * Tizen 2.3 UX
  5. 5. UI’s are getting compact… 2008 2010 20152012
  6. 6. Visual Interaction is getting interested in … * Android Material UX
  7. 7. VI is beautiful! but How?
  8. 8. Some observations  UI's are getting compact.  UX is focusing on VI Improvements more than before.  Pretty design increases development difficulty.  The design cycle is often shorter than we wish for.  Design tools are good but not perfect.
  9. 9. Question is How can developers implement VI more easily?
  10. 10. GUI Builder is good for beginners, but…
  11. 11. High-Level Languages help you compose fancy GUIs collections { images { image: "logo.png" COMP; } group { "main"; parts { image { "logo"; desc { "default"; rel1.relative: 0.0 0.0; rel2.relative: 0.5 0.5; image.normal: "logo.png"; aspect: 1 1; aspect_preference: BOTH; } } rect { "rect"; desc { "default"; rel1.relative: 0.5 0.0; rel2.relative: 1.0 0.5;
  12. 12. Ideas to improve GUI apps
  13. 13. Just pretty apps are useless. Design is for ease of control and understanding. Understand the real needs of users. Think about it from point of user perspective. The most important principle: Usefulness
  14. 14. Everyone wants faster apps
  15. 15. Everyone wants faster apps
  16. 16. First of all, make it simple. Simple design improves performance as well. Using the default theme will reduce your app size. Deep understanding of F/W helps you to optimize efficiently. Optimize program last. - Do profiling and then do some surgery! - HW processing (CPU, GPU, SIMD, …) - Compact Image/Fonts - Resource Caching - Parallel processing - … Everyone wants faster apps
  17. 17. Designers need to understand the UI F/W, too. Everyone wants faster apps
  18. 18. Simple will reduce the development time & maintenance costs. User aren’t likely to learn something new. Focus on functions relevant to the user’s task and context. Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)
  19. 19. Please don’t customize theme without clear app identity. Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)
  20. 20. Remove useless scenarios! Naviframe Scroller Box Scroller Bpx Button Bpx Image Scroller Bpx Toolbar Bpx Bpx Bpx Bpx Scroller Scroller Scroller Scroller Scroller Scroller Scroller Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)
  21. 21. Simple principles Easy to access  From the app developer view  Design apps while understanding basic design principles and the toolkit you use.  Avoid custom design whenever possible. Easy to develop  From the f/w developer view  Set up robust design principles for general scenarios.  Provide easy to use Programming Methods and Tools.
  22. 22. Tizen is an OS of everything
  23. 23. Tizen  - website  – for app developers  – platform developers  – source code  – gerrit  – mailing list , #tizen – irc  – forum  – wiki  - jira * Tizen 2.3 rev3
  24. 24. TDC 2015 is coming soon
  25. 25. Thank