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Open-source, how we survive with it?


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These days, source code is more liked to opened to others than before. Many companies runs tremendous open-source projects, developers are more interested in the open-source projects for their careers.

In this topic, Hermet Park likes to share his open-source activity experience with attendees. He will not only describe why we are interested in the open-source projects but also talk about open-source activities describing his experiences.

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Open-source, how we survive with it?

  1. 1. Open-source how we survive with it? Hermet Park October 2017
  2. 2. Why Open-source? How Open-source?
  3. 3. Tizen A Open-source platform driven by Samsung and Linux foundation. Started as a mobile platform in 2011, is now expanding for all kinds of devices. Collaborating with MS, Tizen .NET enriches app development environment. A full range of Samsung products is going be powered by Tizen.
  4. 4. Xamarin Native user interface, Native performance. Generic UI set code with some extensions across platforms. C# and .Net framework. Business Logic layer Domain Model Data Access Layer Service Access Layer Platform Specific Code UI Layer Platform Specific Code UI Layer Platform Specific Code UI Layer Platform Specific Code UI Layer
  5. 5. Tizen 4.0 The first step toward only platform for various IoT devices. Introduced Tizen RT which includes real-time OS to support light-weight devices. Support platform module building blocks to support new devices. 4.0 M1 was released in June, final version is expected in the end of this year.
  6. 6. Enlightenment Project A Window Manager working on Linux. Lightweight and fast GUI Toolkits, EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries). Slick and nice EFL Apps – Terminal, Photo viewer, Video player, IDE ... Support multi OS portability.
  7. 7. Enlightenment Project
  8. 8. Welcome, Join us!
  9. 9. Why Open-source?
  10. 10. Era of Open-source
  11. 11. Collaboration with companies Profit Product Lead Project Hire Talents Companies have benefits from open-source projects. Strong Company Brand Opensource Project
  12. 12. The survey says... Company growth(60%) and increased use of open-source technologies(42%). 89% hiring managers told, it’s hard to find open-source talent. 58% of managers expressed, will to hire more open-source experts in 6 months. 60% managers are looking for full-time hires. 30% managers listed open-source becoming core to business. 43% managers said, economy is encouraging them to hire more. source:
  13. 13. The most 受欢迎的 open-source areas Hiring Managers are looking for talent the following areas 70% Cloud Technologies 67% Web Technologies 65% Linux 48% Networking Technologies 46% Security Areas of expertise most affecting hiring decisions 60% Cloud 59% Application Platform 57% Big Data (hottest) source:
  14. 14. The survey says... source: 30% Interesting Projects 21% Collaboration with a global community 17% Working on the most cutting-edge technology challenges 12% More job opportunities 12% Working with some of the world’s best developers 6% Job stability 3% Money and perks 2% Others Pros appreciate community and interesting projects
  15. 15. Companies expect to reduce development resources. quick get into a new project with less investment. hire more talented engineers. Developers expect to work at open-source lead company. more interesting jobs with new technologies. co-work with excellent engineers globally. So, why Open-source?
  16. 16. How Open-source?
  17. 17. Open-source activities? Source code Patch review Online discussion Community meeting Documentation Evangelist activity Localization Package distribution Infrastructure management Bug report ...
  18. 18. Subscribe mailing list General User Discussion Discussion related to development Announcement Git Commits QA reports ...
  19. 19. Code review Stacking patches is not good symptom. Train more reviewers. Have a rule for reviewing days. Understand more project code.
  20. 20. Online discussion IRC, most popular chat Keep calm or Ping-pong fight! Best channel to discuss hot issues Ping! No Thanks, I’m away!
  21. 21. Community meetings Attend in community events! Build up your personal relationship. Social networking is important to become a leader of community.
  22. 22. Local community Run a local community
  23. 23. Evangelist activities
  24. 24. But if, If not available to open-source activities at workplace, I’d rather do it in my free time. Are u serious? !
  25. 25. Sometimes, Crazy about it!
  26. 26. My toy, yeah!
  27. 27. The most important is... Find a project you love to do -
  28. 28. Over github - search open-source projects
  29. 29. Open Hub - Discover, Track and Compare Open-source
  30. 30. To become open-source leader Never commit count! Good quality of Commit Social Networking
  31. 31. Open-source for survival Continuous Development Catching up with the latest Technology Contribute to Communities
  32. 32. Why Open-source?, again Hiring managers are hunting for open source experts!
  33. 33. More than that... Programming is not a zero-sum game. Teaching something to a fellow programmer doesn’t take it away from you. I’m happy to share what I can, because I’m in it for the love of programming. John Carmack
  34. 34. Ultimately, for this Open-source contribution is the contribution to the world!
  35. 35. Enjoy Open-source!