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The Speakers Edge : developing and delivering a presentation for maximum engagement.


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If you’ve ever delivered a seminar, presented on stage, or facilitated a meeting you know it can be a challenge to keep the attention of your audience.
This is an introduction to our much loved 'The Speakers Edge' workshop which covers crucial foundation and cutting edge concepts and theories to embrace today’s learner and audience.

This workshop is a catalyst for a whole new level of confidence and a new approach to speaking and developing a presentation for impact.

As with all skills - add the practise and you can elevate your delivery at your very next speaking engagement.

According to the latest research speakers/ programs fail to deliver for two main reasons:
1) 40% is due to poor upfront engagement.
b) 20% is due to poor event design.

We unpack the best simple strategies to support participants to use power point effectively and to turn up their creative style with confidence.

* Delivered in- house and as an external event Australia wide.
Please express interest if an event is not currently listed
* Enquire for online (coming soon) or if you'd like it delivered out of Australia at a conference.

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The Speakers Edge : developing and delivering a presentation for maximum engagement.

  1. 1. Anyone MAXIMUM ……………………….. engagement can design and deliver a presentation for
  2. 2. It’s a few things done really well
  3. 3. Why? Should you attend this program
  4. 4. Founder WunderTraining Jane Wundersitz OUR MISSION: To creatively empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work and in life. Presented and developed by…
  5. 5. Consistently in the Top 5 ‘Most Popular’ Speakers for Australia A leading Motivational Speaker
  6. 6. An Australian Master Trainer
  7. 7. International experience
  8. 8. most probably know this
  9. 9. * 2010 Australian survey – workplace presenters in the past 12months 50% of meetings
  10. 10. * 2010 Australian survey – workplace presenters in the past 12months
  11. 11. And guess what ?
  12. 12. NO There are Bad audiences
  13. 13. 20% Fail due to upfront engagement
  14. 14. 40% Fail due to structure
  15. 15. An Outstanding 1 hour presentation can take 30We share everything …so, you feel this!
  16. 16. Really excited ‘ 10/10 There was so much I am really excited about. A really energising way to become a better speaker' Tracey Newman Manager Customer Experience Engagement
  17. 17. And informed 'Informative, engaging and fresh. I left feeling like I could go and create and present something that people would find both engaging and inspiring.' Sam Clark Acting Service Support Manager
  18. 18. If part of your role is to….
  19. 19. Inform or Teach
  20. 20. Influence or persuade
  21. 21. Motivate Enthuse Inspire
  22. 22. Some of the great ‘content’ we cover includes…
  23. 23. The Speakers STATE TIPS to banish nerves + present like a pro
  24. 24. We eliminate those ‘things’ that might occasionally keep you awake !
  25. 25. What will ‘they’ think ?
  26. 26. Any questions ? What if they ask questions I can’t answer?
  27. 27. and soooooooo…..much more.
  28. 28. How to connect Authentically
  29. 29. The power story
  30. 30. High Visual Chunking Audience engagement TOP tips + resources Free images
  31. 31. Time to take your style to the NEXT LEVEL ?
  32. 32. What do our ‘Wunder’ful clients say….
  33. 33. Unique and inspiring ‘I was blown away by Jane’s approach to creating engaging presentations, very unique and inspiring. I used her technique in the design and delivery of an international paper at a conference in the USA. ‘ Phill Armanas FCPA, PMIIA, CFE, JP Manager: Audit and Risk Management
  34. 34. Incredibly engaging The presentation was incredibly engaging. This, more than anything else, is enough to convince me that Jane's methods work! Fantastic Work Smart Participant
  35. 35. Gained confidence 'Over and above what I expected. I gained confidence and loads of ideas to support me presenting.’ Work Smart Participant
  36. 36. Excellent and practical '10 - Excellent tips and practical ideas. Enjoyed the content on authenticity and story telling.' Councillor Andrew Craig City of Playford
  37. 37. Go instead where there is no path
  38. 38. Find out more: The Speakers Edge external events in house for small to large groups Enquiries : Jane Wundersitz 12 WunderPrograms 2 VIA Professional
  39. 39. For Further Tips: Email: Website: www Facebook: Linked in: Twitter: Pin Interest:
  40. 40.