A Marketing Fable


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Презентация к выступлению Анны Свердловой на саммите Digital Branding Best Cases (Москва, 2012)

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A Marketing Fable

  1. 1. @ Digital Branding Best CasesAnya SverdlovMoscow24 October 2012
  2. 2. A Marketing Fable
  3. 3. Once there was a powerful kingdom called advertising. It enjoyed a long and fruitful rule, starting with painted signs, town criers & sandwich boards and growing up into …
  4. 4. … catalogs and radio sponsors & thencosmetics parties, and soon skywriting & bigbillboards, eventually made of lights, &, ofcourse, magazine print ads & then …
  5. 5. Then television came to thiskingdom and, with it, lots oftelevisions spots & the TVC was bornand matured …
  6. 6. Finally there was born into thiskingdom millions & millions of littlelighted electronic things we could click on& interact with, too…
  7. 7. Then, something changed...
  8. 8. It took the great thinkers who inhabited thiskingdom of advertising a few years to describe &name & finally understand that change, but in theend – or the beginning – most agreed it could beboiled down to one very powerful & very important& sometimes a very scary word…
  9. 9. Control.
  10. 10. Who is in control now? The (digital) consumer
  11. 11. What does control look like? The digital mash-up
  12. 12. My Feeds My iPod My Mobile apps My Twitter lists My Amazon My iPad My NetFlix My YouTube channelMy SERPS My Bookmarks My Facebook page My FriendFeed streams My Rhapsody playlists My TiVo My Hulu My iTunes My Google Reader My Flickr photos
  13. 13. Three FoundingDigital Principles
  14. 14. # 1 Traditional advertising is dead
  15. 15. = ATL= Traditional Web= Full Digital • TV / Radio • OOH • Print • Display • Search • Social Awareness • Social • Mobile • Video • Fixed web Advocacy Familiarity • Social • Sp. projects Customer • OOH Lifecyle • Video • Social• CRM / SCRM Loyalty Consideration • CRM / SCRM • Social • Sp. projects • Mobile • Mobile • Fixed web
  17. 17. #2 The mash-up is the new interface
  18. 18. #3 Engage-ability is the new KPI
  19. 19. Digital Targets & KPI metrics Consumer Traditional Traditional Wunderman branded journey metrics digital targets content targets Brand BUZZ Awareness recall Brand recall Impressions rate Clicks Engagement Likeability Visits BrandInvolvement d Talkability Comments experiences Participants Comprehend. Attitude/ Message Brand socialConsideration - comprehension contacts Purchase intent Buy the brand Actions Purchase / d Fans gain Brand appeal Community size (new SM subscribers) Advocacy*Used for the period, such as quarter or year. Not for a single campaign.
  20. 20. KPI metrics Major Minor Brand BUZZ rate* Brand Brand social (increase in the number of brand`s references) experiences contacts Targets --------------------------- --------------------------- (contacts with branded (contacts with branded Fans gain content t>1min) messages in social media) (new SM subscribers) • Branded video viewings Branded «share-blocks» on • Promo site visits various social networks / • Promo-tab and apps visits blogs / etc. CPBe %B/V CPSc %Share %back %BZ KPI cost per conversion impact conversion cost per social conversion rate brand rate BUZZ/Be rate Be/ visit contact rate Like/Be Sc/Earned_Be experience CPV cost per visit/view*Used for the period, such as quarter or year. Not to be used for a single campaign.
  21. 21. A digital credo: We believe…
  22. 22. 1. Consumers control the interface2. Our best customers are our best media3. A click that shares is as important as a click that buys4. All media is potentially earned media5. Unmeasured activity is wasted breath6. Listen first – always7. If we have to choose, we choose mobile8. Our brand is everywhere and so are we9. Authenticity + bravery is our new brand promise10. To engineer true engagement we embrace the mash-up and are ready to lose significant control
  23. 23. Credits: Thom Kennon, CMO, Brabble, Wunderman Mikhail Ivanchenko, Head Strategist, Actis Wunderman Thank you!Anya SverdlovManaging DirectorActis Wundermanwww.actis.ru+7 (495) 234-0009