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Narrative text


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Teaching material for Junior High school

Published in: Education
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Narrative text

  1. 1. Wulida Sudrajat
  2. 2. Narrative is a piece of writing that tells story (imaginaryor a real incident) Communicative Purpose : To entertain/ amuse the readers about the story Examples of Narrative texts: short stories, folktales/folklore, legends, myths, fables, novels, cartoon strips, picture books, fairy tales
  3. 3. Text OrganizationOrientation Complication Resolution Coda (optional)• Set the scene • The problem • Problem solving • Moral lesson (when and where which leads into • A closing remark the story happen) climax• Introduces the characters
  4. 4. Language FeaturesFocus on specific participantsPast TenseSequence markers and conjunctionAdverbs and adverbial phrasesMaterial processes (action verbs)Direct and indirect speech
  6. 6. VOCABULARIES HOUSEWORK FAIRYBOSSY (Adj) BALL (n) (n) GODMOTHER Always telling Large formal Small imaginary Work done in a people what to party with creature with house do dancing magical powers Suka meraja / Pekerjaan Pesta dansa Ibu peri memerintah rumah tangga
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