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Functional text all


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Functional text all

  1. 1. FUNCTIONAL TEXTSWulida Sudrajat
  3. 3. CAUTION / NOTICE / WARNING Caution and notice > enable somebody to avoid the risk involved in a task or procedure; the impact is not as fatal as in warning; i.e. power failure, damaging the machine etc. it’s usually written in simple words, easy to read and to understand. Example : Road sign etcWarning > to warn the readers for their safety sake. If thereaders ignore the warning, they may get fatal incident.
  4. 4. CAUTION / NOTICE / WARNINGCaution is warning: admonishment: precaution: prudentforethought to minimize the risk: one that astonishes orcommands attention (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Notice is warning or intimation of something; a written or printed announcement (Merriam-Webster Dictionary); “written announcement: a written or a printed announcement or statement of information, often displayed on a board or wall, or published in a newspaper or magazine” (Encarta Dictionary) Warning is the act of warning; the state of being warned: something that warns or serves to warn; especially : a notice or bulletin that alerts the public to an imminent hazard (as a tornado, thunderstorm, or flood) (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  6. 6. GREETING CARD A greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. Although greeting cards usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, they also sent to convey thanks or express other feeling. Greeting cards, usually packaged with an envelope, come in a variety of styles.Example of greeting cards :1. Birthday card2. Gratitude card3. Get-well card4. Congratulation card5. Holiday card
  8. 8. LETTER/E-MAILA letter is a symbol usually written or printed representing aspeech sound and constituting a unit of an alphabet ; a direct orpersonal written or printed message addressed to a person ororganization ; a written communication containing a grant —usually used in plural (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)E-mail is a means or system for transmitting messageselectronically (as between computers on a network); messagessent and received electronically through an e-mail system(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  9. 9. LETTER/E-MAIL EXAMPLEDear Johnson, GREETING/ OPENING Hello, Johnson. How’s life treating you? Do hopeeverything is Okay. I tell you what I’m writing this letter is toconfirm about your invitation. You said that I can visit youwhenever I want to go to your city, Texas. I happily acceptyour invitation. Well, will it be OK if I come to your house thisweekend? I plan to spend my school holiday in Texas. It must CONTENTbe exciting to be in Texas again. Besides, I want to meet Eva,Helen, your father and mother. I just need to conform if thiscoming weekend is OK. However, if you have something todo, I really understand. Send my best regards to all of yourfamily that I miss so much. Hope to know your reply soon.Yours,Nowo SENDER’S NAME
  10. 10. LETTER/E-MAIL EXAMPLEFrom : Saraswati watiayu29@gmail.comTo : englishclub@yahoogroups.comDear all,I would like to remind you all about the Sunday gathereingin two weeks. I don’t have any suggestions yet for thetopic to be discussed. So please share your ideas with thisforum, so everyone can coment. We will decide on thetopic next Monday. Hurry up guys! We’re running out oftime.ThanksSaraswati
  11. 11. SHORT MESSAGE A message is a written communication similar to a letter but without the formal address blocks at the beginning, especially one that is circulated to people within in office or organization.
  12. 12. SHORT MESSAGE EXAMPLE Hi Ayu, Feeling better now? By the way , we have a project in biology Hi Raymond, class, cassava fermentation. It sounds Just to inform you that Ardya interesting. We are in the same team. I hope you and I are going to go to the book get well soon and return fair at the town hall at 4 this to school next week. We afternoon. Would you like to join have to prepare. us? Miss you Karel Sandra
  13. 13. ADVERTISEMENTAn advertisement is a picture, set of words, or a shortfilm, which is intended to persuade people to buy a productor use a service.A text which gives information about job that is available, anevent that is going to happen, etc can also belong toadvertisement. The example of advertisement: product advertisement (goods or service) and job vacancy
  14. 14. ADVERTISEMENTEXAMPLE COLD BREAKER LIKE YOU NEVER HAD A COLD Fast relief for: • Congestion 100 TABLETS • Runny nose USP • Coughs 200 mg • Headache • Fever AVAILABLE IN EVERY STORE IN INDONESIA
  15. 15. ANNOUNCEMENT EXAMPLE ATTENTIONTo: All IX grade students;Don’t forget to bring along a thermometer to school on 28June 2013 (Tue) and 30 June 2013 (Thurs). Those who donot bring thermometer will have to purchase it from thebookshop at a cost of Rp. 40.000 eachScience TeacherMrs. Ana
  16. 16. INVITATIONAn invitation card is used to invite someone to attend theevent like birthday party, wedding ceremony, an informaldinner, etc. An invitation card should give information about: •The name of the event • when the event will be held • where the event will take place • additional information (e.g. dress code, RSVP)
  17. 17. INVITATION EXAMPLE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 Join the fun ofNEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY December 31, 2012 8.00 p.m. Hosted bySandy and Bill Fletcher 120 Front Street RSVP Jimmy 750-4548
  18. 18. SCHEDULE Schedule is 1. obsolete: a written document: a statement of supplementary details appended to a legal or legislative document; 2. a written or printed list, catalog, or inventory; also: timetable; 3. program; especially: a procedural plan that indicates the time and sequence of each operation. (Merriam- Webster Dictionary)Example of schedule: school timetable, televisionprograms, show time, flight schedule, itinerary, etc.
  19. 19. SCHEDULE EXAMPLE COME AND SEE! BANYUWANGI FESTIVAL NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2012To commemorate the 241st Anniversary of Banyuwangi, Banyuwangiregency government will be holding an unforgettablefestival, Banyuwangi Festival 2012. Here is the agenda EVENT TIME ORPHAN FESTIVAL 23RD NOVEMBER 2012 BANYUWANGI JAZZ FESTIVAL 7th – 9th DECEMBER INTERNATIONAL POWER CROSS 12th DECEMBER at DIPONEGORO CHAMPIONSHIP STADION
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