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The galaxy systems


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Published in: Education
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The galaxy systems

  1. 1. The GALAXY systems<br />華文四甲<br />U9593023<br />吳佳倩<br />
  2. 2. The GALAXY systems<br />Withineach of these categories, the designers brainstormed ways they could create a dynamicplay experience.They camp up with a number of innovative equipment idea that would challenge and grow along with children. <br /> 在這些分類裡,設計者腦力激盪一些方法,這些方法是可以創造一個有活力的玩樂經驗。他們提出很多創新的設備想法,這些想法可激發小孩也可以伴隨著他們成長。<br />§dynamic (a)有活力的 §come up with (phr)提出 <br />
  3. 3. The GALAXY systems<br />One piece of equipment that reflects this strategy is the Supernova, an orbitingring, mounted on six secure legs, that turns around a 10-degree titled axis; the slope of the ring ensures that it spins faster for larger children and slower for younger children, so thepiece retains its interest for the same child over a long period. <br />其中一個設備可以反映這個策略的是“超級新星”,一個運行軌道的環狀物,嵌有六個安全的腳,可以轉動10度的斜軸。環狀物的斜軸(確保)對大孩子的話,它可以轉得比較快;小孩子的話,它就會轉得比較慢。因此,縱使經過相當長的時期,小孩還是對它保有興趣。<br />§orbit (n)運形軌道 §ring(n)環狀物 <br />
  4. 4. The GALAXY systems<br />The patent-pending Nebula orb is mounted to angled stainless-steel augers and can be rotated in a helical movement up and down the augers; the child has the choice of creating a personal climbing track, taking a softly spinning tour from top to bottom, or simply engaging in tactile experience of spinning the orb. <br /> 專利申請中的星雲球被鑲嵌在有角的不鏽鋼的螺旋鑽而且可以被旋轉在一個螺旋狀的運動過程中,將螺旋鑽做360度的旋轉。小孩有創造自己爬行方式的軌跡的選擇,從上到下輕輕的旋轉旅程或者僅僅是從事這個旋轉球的觸覺經驗。<br />§patent-pending (a)專利申請中 §stainless-steel(n)不鏽鋼 §helical(a)螺旋狀的<br />
  5. 5. patent-pending<br />什麼是「 patent-pending 」?什麼狀況下可以在產品上標示「 patent-pending 」?<br />標示「 patent-pending 」是否具有法律效力?<br />
  6. 6. The GALAXY systems<br />The team first built smaller models out of cardboard, for internal presentations, and then set about building full-scale, working prototypes that could be tested with children.<br />此團隊為了內部發表,就先以硬紙板建立較小的模型,然後開始著手建立大規模的、壓鑄模類的產品,可供小孩子去測試的。<br />§cardboard(n)硬紙板 §working prototypes(n) 壓鑄模類的產品<br />
  7. 7. The GALAXY systems<br />They tested the equipment on a site they had rented, then took the equipment to schools in both rural and urban settings. By watching the children interact with the equipment, they quickly found out which concepts the children approved of.<br />他們在所租的景點測試此設備,然後把這個設備帶到坐落在城市和郊區的學校。藉由觀察小孩子們和它互動的過程,他們很快地發現哪一個內容是小孩子所贊成的部分。<br />
  8. 8. The GALAXY systems<br />“Children are merciless consumers, ’’says Hansen. “They are not polite’’.<br />Breaking the moldin playground equipment has paid off for KOMPAN. <br />Hansen說:「小孩子是殘酷的消費者,他們是不客氣的。<br />KOMPAN在遊樂場設備中打破常規,已經成功。 」 <br />§merciless(a )殘酷的 §break the mold(phr)打破常規 §mold (n)模子<br />
  9. 9. The GALAXY systems<br />The system was rapidly accepted, both in North American and in Europe, and with the release of GALAXY Extreme, KOMPAN continues to extend the possibilities of the system.<br /> 此系統快速地在北美和歐洲被接受,而且GALAXY 極限的發行, KOMPAN持續去延展此系統的可能性。<br />