Meet the Joneses!


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eet the Joneses! Any clue how they spend their daily life? Do you know what makes them tick? Mary Jones starts every day with a glass of orange juice, before waking up the kids. Ricky Jones spends 2 hours in front of the computer every day, checking his Facebook, connecting with his school friends. His sister Tracey Jones likes shopping, but does not get why her friends would eat at McDonald\'s – she is convinced that running and being a vegetarian is the key to a healthy life. Daddy, Jack Jones, is a news freak but he is pretty sceptical about the things he reads in the newspaper. The Joneses, the Smiths… They are all consumers living their everyday life. What do you really know about “the Joneses” in your target audience? Are you really connected with your consumer?

Actually, the Joneses no longer exist. The consumer today has become smarter, sees through marketing actions, has a mix of different opinions and meanings and changes his mind very quickly. While the everyday life of the Joneses used to be predictable and easy to understand, the consumer today has become difficult to grasp. This new consumer calls for new ways of marketing.

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Meet the Joneses!

  1. 1. How connected are you? Results Meet the Jones Quiz • Kristof De Wulf, Managing Partner, InSites Consulting • Dennis Claus,Senior Research Executive , InSites Consulting • Thomas Ghys, Quantitative Research Consultant, InSites Consulting
  2. 2. InSites Consulting conducted an online survey amongst 631 Belgian and 411 Dutch consumers and invited marketers to match the answers of their target group. 509 Belgian and 313 Dutch marketers participated.
  3. 3. Marketers acknowledged they are not the same as their target groups, but were confident about their knowledge. 2 out of 3 even claimed to know what their consumers want. to look at their own behavior to tt better understand consumers. to understand them, because they spend a lot of time with them.
  4. 4. Marketers passed the test, but it was very close. Belgian marketers scored 53% and Dutch marketers 54%. years of experience involvement in consumer marketing how well they think they know their target group had NO effect on the final score. Everyone can get closer.
  5. 5. Some insights from the Meet the Joneses test
  6. 6. Brands Matter! of consumers say the brand is the most important criterion for purchase decisions. Half of consumers choose an A-brand for at least 6 out of 10 purchases.
  7. 7. Only 7% of Belgian and 16% of Dutch consumers changed their buying behavior in the supermarket or specialty store since the financial crisis. Moreover, they will never save on… daily food children’s education personal care 67% 46% 29% 71% 47% 34%
  8. 8. 95% of Belgian and 94% of Dutch consumers make an effort to maintain their health. They think the most efficient ways to do this are… good avoiding lots of movement avoiding personal unhealthy and exercise unhealthy hygiene habits food 32% 29% 19% 14% 9% 34% 29% 18%
  9. 9. The top 2 ways youngsters distinguish themselves from their peers are looks and skills. The Most popular brands Dolce & Gabbana Mc Donald's Red Bull L'Oreal Samsung
  10. 10. Connected 14% update their profile or status on a Consumer 5% social network site at least daily. 31% download music illegally 49% on a monthly basis. 53% are members of 47% an online social network. 27% have uploaded 30% a movie on Youtube. 67% say people can’t live 82% without the internet anymore.
  11. 11. Want to learn more? LISTEN TO YOUR CONSUMERS
  12. 12. And test whether your are more connected when the Joneses return next year.