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Сергей Кудряшов - Практика исследований


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Доклад с семинара RusCHI №21

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Сергей Кудряшов - Практика исследований

  1. 1. Практика исследований Сергей Кудряшов, начальник отдела User Experience, Parallels 1
  2. 2. Исследования • Общеизвестные факты • Статистика • Свитчеры • Объем памяти меняют около половины пользователей • Не очень опытные пользователи • Опросы в интернете • Основная ОС - Windows XP • Средний пользователь Mac в Европе - • Интервью 38 лет • Используют Windowed mode • Опросы продавцов • Самый легкий способ поставить Windows на MacBook Air 2 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM
  3. 3. Анализ - Персонажи • Mike Harris • 38 years old • Erica Moore • Sales manager • 46 years old • Use a Mac for aesthetic reasons • Translator • Use Outlook and Windows • Son by iMac for her Mobile • She uses ABBYY and • Stefan Lange her genealogy software • 32 years old • Geek • C++ and Perl • Use multiply OSes 3 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM
  4. 4. Анализ - Сценарии 4 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM
  5. 5. Анализ - Диаграммы New Linked to NewVMAssistant Views toolbar AboutDlg About Parallels Desktop PdPreferencesDlg Preferences Parallels Desktop Services Hide PD Hide Others Show All Quit PD NewVMAssistant New Virtual Machine AddExistingVMAssistant Add Existing File Download... Go to RemoveVMAssistant Remove Close Window Coherence Windowed View Full Screen View Configuration View VM Manager Application Manager Show/Hide Toolbar Start Suspend Pause Shut Down Stop Reset EditConfigDlg Edit Configuration Make Screen shot SnapshotParameterDlg Create snapshot Revert to snapshot Ask_to_proceedDlg SnapshotManagerDlg virtual machine Run snapshot manager CloneVMAssistant Clone register new user send automatic pas to e-mail Install Paralells Tools InstallParallelsToolsWizard e-mail is not in registration DB Run Parallels Compressor Ask for start ParallelsCompressor Home Your e-mail registered. Please enter your correct register product to user account check name and e-mail account pass or type another e-mail e-mail in registration DB incorrect ask for start automatically install kaspersky Install Kaspersky Internet Security Register Dlg Prepare Windows Vista Upgrade Open virtual machine Send Keys VM View (name, e-mail and School VM Manager menu Connected device/image Floppy Disk Disconnect Connect image... SelectImageDlg where use) PD4 app Connected device/image Applications list Disconnect Company Add to Favorites/Remove from Favorites CD/DVD Connect image... SelectImageDlg Extension My computer cd/dvd Country Windows Application File Associations list Context menu Windows applications in Mac OS X Dock SmartSelectDlg Connected device Mac Application Smart Select Disconnect !orporate Tel Shared Full registartion DLG Application icon with overlay PD logo Network Default How many macs? Bridged List of adapters n host OS Host-Only How many macs want to buy? Status Disconnect Real Serial Socket Output file SaveFileDlg Devices Status Disconnect Parallel SavefileDlg Output file TBD Activate Mute default Sound Output Device List of devices default Input Device List of devices USB USB devices detected in Mac OS X Connect All Disconnect All All Windows Disks Shared Folders All Mac Disks Home Folder Add... Start menu Hide windows taskbar Empty Windows recycle bin Favorites App's list Recent App's list Shared Windows Applications Running App's list Applications Populate Start Populationg Populate Start Populationg Shared Mac Applications Edit App's List Smart Select Set to Default VM Manager window List of opened VM's PD Help Getting Started Index ActivationDlg Activate Product help ParallelsUpdater TBD Check for updates ReportProblemDlg Report a problem Add Existing Download Linked to File menu tbd Applications View 5 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM
  6. 6. Дизайн-решения 6 Parallels – Optimized ComputingTM