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How Freelancers Can Make the Best Use of Social Networking Sites


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Social business networking sites have made freelancer’s life easier. Now anyone can get connected to prospective project holders and bid on multiple assignments. Reading this article would help freelancers to get an idea how to use networking relationships at its best.

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How Freelancers Can Make the Best Use of Social Networking Sites

  1. 1. How Freelancers Can Make the Best Use of Social Networking SitesIf social networking would be of any use freelancers know it the best. In fact this isthe most populated community online that makes maximum use of social andprofessional networking sites. Freelancers more often depend on their socialconnections, online mates and business circles to grab new projects, find new jobsand thus make money.Why it is so?The reason is simple. People from all walks of life want to see their relationshipsturning into cash cows. The time, effort and patience put together to maintain astrong networking portfolio is immense, so it has to be paid off as well. No one buildsa strong professional network just for fun. It is meant for real business, real-timenegotiations and serious business talks. That is why freelancers need to be activesocialites.Doing business socially is the key to successSocial networking sites are the ideal platforms for this. This is the place wherebusiness ideas are shared in volume, projects are being discussed in depth,negotiations and deals happen like corporate and things get rolling like life neverends. Whether it is to find jobs for freelancers or to find freelancers foroutsourced jobs there is no substitute of a well-maintained networking portal.Almost every popular networking site has got millions of users across the world. Mostof them have their own reasons or choice of thoughts to become a member.However, the goal is almost same for all. Freelancers need new projects to makemoney and project holders need to crowdsource their job to capable workers. Bothcan meet over in a neutral place say, any networking portal, get to know eachother’s interests and preferences and finally set the common terms.That is why most of the successful bids and project outsourcings happen throughsocial channels only.Here in this article we will discuss how freelancers can make the best use of onlinesocial networking avenues.Get along with new people:There is no better place than a community-based networking site to do this. Morethe number of friends, partners, followers, subscribers and contacts you have, betteris the chance to get regular and high-value projects. It is good if you can manage afiltered list of all potential contacts and use them to build further relationships. It isbeneficial in either way – quality work and good pay-out.Networking portals apply auto suggestion tools that can help find friends, partnersand peers of similar interests.Create strong portfolio mentioning all your specialties:To start with any networking relationships, profile bio or introductory note is thesection one has to be really careful about. This shows who you are, what you do andhow does it matter to others. Profile information has to be delicate, true, detailed
  2. 2. and personalized. After all you are the best person to trumpet your own drum.Mention your skills, educational qualifications, bragging rights, achievements andnumber of successfully handled projects. Visually appealing profiles that are updatedand have right people in community win majority of the deals.Give every project your very best:When it is about building your own reputation and getting strongest references forfuture work, you can not do away with substandard or incomplete work. Good jobsare always appreciated and carry value for long. If you have any such credentials toyour record display it upfront.Take part in contests:Enter some competitions/ contests to get your work viewed by others. Freelancephotographers, journalists, programmers and developers, designers often submittheir work in different portals and get rewarded. Certain social media sites offer suchservices for free and help freelancers earn some freebies.Ask for referrals:Almost all professional networking sites do have referral/recommendation systemthat works wonders for freelancers. One can directly communicate with peers,previous clients to ask their favor and apply the same for self-promotion. Mostimportantly this service comes at no cost. You can also find companies for full-timeor part-time jobs.A good social networking site can open multiple business avenues for a freelancer,provided he or she is active enough to work on the opportunities.About is your complete social business networking hub. The Florida basedcompany aims to reach out to all young entrepreneurs who are in need of socialbusiness networking services. Wubb could be the next generation online marketplacefor all entrepreneurial activities including regular jobs for freelancers. To know morevisit