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DPM Summit: Certifications Dont Hurt

  1. Cynthia Schmitt, PMP, PMI-ACP 
 Director, Program Delivery at Intuitive Company Digital PM Summit Philadelphia 2015 Hello. @wtzgoodPHL
  2. • Clown Aspirer • Video Store Worker • Website Developer • Project Manager • Director of Program Delivery Career Path:
  3. Small firms —> Large corporations Research & strategy projects, mobile apps, eCommerce site builds, CRM database implementations
 “The Zen PM”
  4. “Wow, all those letters after your name are really impressive.” “I would never hire someone with a PMP, they are too rigid.” – My Mom “Certs are useless for DPM’s.” – No one – Someone at this
 conference Real World Advice
  5. Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up Everyone is Agile now? Companies manage projects differently Dollar Bills $$$ Why I said…YES!
  6. PMP- PMI-ACP- CSM, CAPM, PgMP, CSPO, CSC… What will help me today? What will help me tomorrow? What will benefit my future goals?
  7. Transform Agencies
 Large Companies Preferred
 Common Language & Framework
 10% Club
 “You’re Serious” Not a Job Guarantee 
 Not a Digital Teacher
 Ain’t Cheap $$$ PROS CONS Why Certs? (because we love lists)
  8. As a DPM in an agency, if you had to choose which cert would you recommend I go for? Answer: Don’t go chasing waterfalls, go Agile (CSM,PMI-ACP) Answer: Yes, salaries average 16% higher. 
 *Sources: A lot of them Answer: Some day your manager may report to you. Don’t always take their advice. DO THE RESEARCH Are salaries higher for people with certifications? I feel like my manager frowns upon certifications, should I still get one? Q+A
  9. Certifications HAVE helped me…
 #beinghonest #getyourcerton #educateyoself 
 In order to be successful in our field, we must always be
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  10. Diversify your knowledge across project types Give back to our community Don’t look at this just as a job Education will never hurt you.Your project, your team, your future… DEPENDS ON IT!! Parting Words
  11. Thank you. @wtzgoodPHL Cynthia Schmitt, PMP, PMI-ACP 
 Director, Program Delivery at Intuitive Company