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Brochure Attini Talk

  1. 1. hat find out w ve ers ha to say othSites like Twitter and Yammer have taken the internet by storm,lowering the barriers to internet publishing and increasingthe speed of open communications from fast to instant.There are enormous benefits to your organisation by bringing“micro-blogging” to your intranet, and SharePoint is thestrategic platform on which to do it.Attini Talk integrates seamlessly with SharePoint 2010 to media tools being used inside the organisation, becausedeliver a rich micro-blogging solution for your organisation. of the benefits they derive using such tools outside of it.It keeps the critical information you want to travel faster, Attini Talk provides a way to make the best of Twitter,safely inside the firewall. Facebook and SharePoint a core part of your intranet,Attini Talk makes SharePoint 2010 more social, engaging while keeping sensitive business activity securely behindand user-friendly. It helps you meet the expectations of an your firewall.intranet audience who more and more, expect to see
  2. 2. about attini talk Attini Talk features:Attini Talk means you don’t need a separate platform for micro- • SharePoint Native, like all of the Attiniblogging; SharePoint is social enough. As a platform, it has everything products, Talk is native to SharePointyou need. It’s important not to create another silo, ensuring documents, 2010. Integration is easy and seamlessnews, blogs, video and more, are all information peers on your intranet. and no additional hardware is required to bring Talk to your intranet audience;Keeping information flowing is one of the most important capabilities • Enterprise micro-blogging, everyone canan intranet can provide an organisation. Email and instant messaging publish, talking to the whole enterprisehave made significant contributions in recent years, and blogging helps efficiently and instantly;us take a huge step forward in terms of communicating with groups. • Follow colleagues, with a single click,Micro-blogging fills an important, but so far unserved, niche. people can keep up to date with what’sIt’s for this reason it’s been so successful on the internet. happening by following colleagues in the same project or department;With Attini Talk, anyone can communicate short messages to everyone;it will change the way we work. • Comment, people across the entire company can comment on updates from their colleagues, opening up a two-way conversation that others can see and participate in; • Share updates, allows people to share an update from someone they follow, showing the people following them that it’s something they are interested in. The strongest messages go viral; • Trending topics, keep your finger on the #pulse of the organisation by watching the trending topics across the whole company; • My Site integration – being native to SharePoint, Talk can be seamlessly integrated with My Site profile pages.www.attini.comasia – pacific region europe, middle east, africa