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Brochure Attini News


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Brochure Attini News

  1. 1. r ng you get ti e sag e es er m th outNews is often part of the core foundation of intranethome pages. With effective communication essential toorganisational health, news provides the frequently updatedcontent that keeps the intranet feeling alive. Sharingcompelling information in real time helps peopleto feel engaged and informed.Attini News makes it possible to deliver an individually targeted Seamlessly integrating into your SharePoint 2010 platform,news experience on SharePoint 2010. In doing so, it speeds up Attini News helps SharePoint make news social. It goescommunication across the organisation; ensuring people have beyond publishing toward participation, allowing news tothe right information to make the right decisions. Through become a two-way conversation.the addition of social, news is for more than just reading. Withevery interaction, articles get better and the most importantnews keeps rising to the top where it’s easy for people to
  2. 2. about attini news Attini News features:As you may have noticed, SharePoint 2010 doesn’t have a news • Social panel, delivering real time viewtemplate, but without a doubt every organisation needs one. tracking and other social statistics, enhanced ‘like’ functionality, relatedTo overcome this, many have undertaken expensive customisation news and tagging;or implemented work-arounds, such as external blog sites, in order • Targeted, delivering the right news toto deliver news to the company intranet. the right people regardless of where itAttini News integrates tightly with SharePoint 2010, adding the is published or how they are viewing it;missing news capability you wish it had. Built for communicators, • Comments, allowing people to postit will streamline the work of editors and deliver information that comments and reactions to newsis more timely, engaging and relevant to readers. articles online and in real-time; • Enhanced content, with new featuresWe’ve made news easier than ever to publish and organise, while at the including titles, standfirst, by-lines, bodysame time allowing people to contribute, ask questions, and comment copy, published-by and easy attachments;on news articles. • Control, giving people the ability toAttini News is social news; the life of an article doesn’t stop when it’s embargo publishing or publish newspublished. Through visits, comments, images and ‘likes’, news stories at a specific date/time in the future;just keep getting better. • News display, offering a number of default views, and flexibility to very easily create your own; • Aggregation, bringing together news from anywhere in your SharePoint environment; • Social analytics, displaying the most viewed, most discussed or most liked news articles; • Streamlined, from provisioning to editing to consuming, everything is easier; • Enhanced search, search built for news, providing results in a format that makes sense; • Classification, through tight integration with the SharePoint Managed Metadata service.www.attini.comasia – pacific region europe, middle east, africa