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The Rise of the Personal Intelligent Search Agent


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Ward Tongen discusses the rise of the Personal Intelligent Search Agents-software that finds information for you, acts autonomously, has intelligence and can learn, improving its performance in executing its tasks.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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The Rise of the Personal Intelligent Search Agent

  1. 1. The Rise of the PersonalIntelligent Search AgentPresented by Ward Tongen
  2. 2. A Top Trend in 2011?In 2011 a new breed of search agent will develop thatwill enable the search savvy to get relevant informationfaster and in a format compatible for use in apredetermined way.This is important because search tools and searchengine results real estate changes rapidly - how can weget in front of people that adopt these emerging tools?What does this mean to you? - Adapt or perish.
  3. 3. What is a Personal IntelligentSearch Agent? Intelligent Agents can generally be defined as software programs, which assist their user and act on his/her behalf: a computer program which: Helps users in news-gathering, scheduling and personal research May act autonomously and on its own initiative Has artificial intelligence (AI) and can learn Improves its performance in executing its tasks over time.
  4. 4. Who is searching?What are they searching for?Where are they searching?When do they search?How do the search?Why do they search?
  5. 5. What we know aboutSearch EnginesThey try to give us relevant results very quickly atanytime we want.Some search engines are broad (Google) and some arespecific (Wolfram)They search many things - some things better thanothers: text, images, video, blogs, books, news,places, events, etc.
  6. 6. What the Search Enginesknow about usWho we are & who welikeWhat we likeWhere we areWhy we are searching
  7. 7. Is ThisScaring YouYet?
  8. 8. New forms of searching areemergingAudio search (Shazam and SoundHound)Image-recognition search (Google Googles, TinEye)Location-based search (Foursquare, Google Maps)Social search (Facebook, Twitter)Barcode QR Code search (RedLaser, Barcode Hero)Realtime search (Twitter, Google News)Suggestive search (Netflix, Hunch)“Experiential Search” (Qwiki)
  9. 9. The Future?by Qwiki
  10. 10. Here are the 3 things youneed to remember...1.Find out what your target audience needs or wants.2.Get in front of that within the search tools they use.3.The only thing that never changes is... Change.
  11. 11. Discussion:What elements would apersonal intelligent searchagent (PISA) have? Searching Search Engine Results Privacy