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Operations Management

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Kennedy Consulting Review

  1. 1. “North Highland has broad capabilities that span strategy development through to operations management and process improvement, to people and change management, to technology advisory and enablement.” OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT By Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory A REVIEW OF NORTH HIGHLAND’S CAPABILITIES FROM ONE OF THE WORLD’S LEADING ANALYST FIRMS
  2. 2. Here’s what Kennedy NORTH HIGHLAND’S MODEL “North Highland’s experienced hiring modelResearch says about allows it to utilize smaller consulting teams to more quickly help clients than under aNorth Highland traditional pyramid staffing model.” “The partnership has grown to include eightORGANIZATIONAL OPERATIONS consultancies around the world, a reflection“North Highland is strong in this segment due of its successful ability to pull together local to a highly experienced consulting model, which capabilities to provide more global solutions.” allows it to quickly facilitate operational change within client organizations.” NORTH HIGHLAND’S EXPERTISE “…the firm’s consulting approach resonates“Clients that prefer a lower leverage model well with clients’ requests for deeper industry (i.e., higher share of senior consultants) will expertise, and the firm has a solid track record often find that smaller consultancies, such as working with many leading brands. Additionally, North Highland, are better suited to helping them.” for the past few years, the firm has consistently been selected as one of the best consultingNORTH HIGHLAND’S EXPERIENCE firms at which to work, which will give it an“North Highland has broad capabilities that span edge for hiring skilled talent.” from strategy development, through to operations management and process improvement, to people “… strong ability to combine strategy, OM, and change management, to technology advisory and technology skills to provide clients with and enablement. North Highland seeks to provide ‘solutions’ rather than one-off projects.” clients with a unique consulting experience, with a more experienced set of consultants available “North Highland has particular depth of expertise to help clients in the areas where its clients in Enterprise Performance Management, Process are located.” Improvement, and Organizational Change Management. NH’s experienced consulting“... a more pragmatic approach to consulting approach lends itself well to successfully helping engagements.” clients with organizational change.” CAPABILITIES SUMMARY STRONG STRONG MODERATE MODERATE ORGANIZATIONAL CUSTOMER INTERACTION PERFORMANCE FINANCIAL OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENT OPERATIONS
  3. 3. CASE IN POINT:Helping The American Red Cross Improve DonorExperience and Gain Market ShareClient Issue: Results:The American Red Cross Blood Services division’s The Red Cross expects to yield over $10 millionrevenues had fallen due to an inability to generate in revenue, conservatively, simply through a one-enough supply (i.e., fewer blood donations). As a percentage-point improvement in donor retention.result, the Red Cross was facing a challenge of The Red Cross improve(d) its customers’ experiencedeclining market share (down roughly 10% over by better targeting marketing to its various donorthe last 10 years) and increased competition from segments, better allocating marketing spend andother non-profit and for-profit blood collection campaign metrics by customer value and behavior,organizations and competing blood banks. and consolidating its marketing initiatives and call centers to improve consistency of the customer experience. In addition, by developing a comprehensiveFirm Selected: approach to managing customer experience andNorth Highland was selected to work with the client utilizing a more customer-centric marketingto develop and execute on a strategy to improve the approach, the Red Cross hopes to regain marketcustomer experience of donors and sponsors. As the share and improve its ability to meet the needs ofclient put it, “North Highland brings expertise – we hospitals and them because they get much more involved in theexecution and success of projects than just providingadvice. They bring far more practical expertise to the Lessons Learned:table than others we’ve worked with in the past.” The Red Cross has developed a long-term, rewarding relationship with the North Highland Company, and decided to work with the consultancy again to helpSolution/Work Done: it improve its customer interaction approach andThe problem was that the Red Cross was internally processes within other of its divisions, such as withinfocused and did not have a customer-centric approach the Humanitarian part of the organization.for acquiring and retaining customers (e.g., donors andsponsors). North Highland developed a new customer-focused vision for the Blood Services division, alongwith a roadmap with 16 initiatives and associatedrecommendations for donor and sponsor recruitmentand retention. North Highland developed a customerlifetime value model that analyzed customer propensityto donate blood. The Red Cross subsequently alteredits strategy to focus on donor retention rather thandonation frequency.From Operations Management Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013, Key Trends, Profiles and Forecasts,Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, Ashley M. Newton and Erick Burchfield. 2011.
  4. 4. “ Over the next three to five years, clients are really focused on bringing their strategic direction down to the tactical operations. So it’s very important to clients for consultants to be able to translate strategy into execution.” -Andy Mayfield, North Highland VASTLY FOCUSED Thousands of professionals from nearly 50 offices, in the US and around the world, work for North Highland. Each of us brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our respective industries and service areas. But we don’t work in silos. Through our unique, interdisciplinary approach, we collaborate across skill sets to bring fresh perspectives to your business. Then we hone in on producing innovative, results-oriented solutions. FSC logo © Copyright 2011. North Highland. 450-0200A-000 6/11