Hector Galan - OASIS Nutritional Advisor Service: a technical view


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  • I ’ m going to talk about the Nutritional Advisor, a nutrition service specially focused on improve the quality of life and the independency of the elderly by make their nutritional habits better. Why talk about nutrition and elderly? Well, in fact, getting older implies many changes that affect our nutrition habits in many ways. Depression, chronic diseases, disabilities, these are all factors that if not trated correctly and the nutrition is properly adapted to this changes may produce Getting old puts elderly people under risc of undernourishments, decresing the quality of life, the independency, the health status, and incresing the costs related with the public health system.
  • Multi stake holders… multi facot--- combined solutions
  • User center design methodology, we performed several sessions with elderly users concerning nutrition,and their thoughts are: Determined ideas about what they like and whay they dont. Elderly users have lost appetite. Swallowing problems, Memory issues that affect their nutritional habits such as shopping So they need, menus tailored to their preferences and health status, to be motivated to follow a diet, and reminders. They also need nutritional learning, so they can learn what is best for them, and general aspects of nutrition. Cooking shopping assistance tools that
  • Combining solutions in a ICT –based nutritional application, in which you will have: Alinear los mensajes con las politicas de salud publica generales.
  • Estrategias que se piensan
  • Estrategias que se piensan
  • Interralation with social communities…
  • Nutricionista por internet puede acceder any time any where.
  • Hector Galan - OASIS Nutritional Advisor Service: a technical view

    2. 2. AGING PROCESS Psychological,  Quality of Life physiological, social  Independency and pathological  Health Status changes Public Health Costs
    3. 3. Physiologic Pathologic Sociologic PsychologicDecreased taste Dentition Ability to shop for Depression foodsDecreased smell Dysphagia, swallowing Ability to prepare food Anxiety problemsDysregulation of Diseases (cancer, CHF, Financial Status, low Lonelinesssatiation COPD, ESRD, thyroid) socioeconomicDelayed gastric Medications (diuretic, Impaired activities of Emotionally stressfulemptying antihypertensive, daily living skills life events dopamine, agonist, antidepressant, antibiotic, antihistamine)Decreased acid Alcoholism Lack of interactions Griefgastric with others at meal timesDecreased lean body Dementia Dysphoriamass
    4. 4. “I have so many pills to “I prefer eating vegetables “I don’t feel like eating. I don’t take… I always forgetand fish, I do not like meat.” have appetite..” them!” CUSTOMISED DIET “Swallowing it’s getting MOTIVATION & & MENUS difficult.” REMINDERS “I always eat the same for dinner: a sandwich..” “I always leave my “This year I found out I have shopping list at home!”diabetes. I never know what to eat.” NUTRITIONAL “I never had to cook, so COOKING & SHOPPING LEARNING now I do not know how…” ASSISTANT “Carbohydr what? I don’t “I have difficulties when understand” walking, so going shopping it’s getting harder.”
    5. 5. High level of Independence from the physical location personalizationCUSTOMISED DIET MOTIVATION & & MENUS REMINDERS NUTRITIONAL COOKING & SHOPPING LEARNING NUTRITIONAL ADVISOR SERVICE ASSISTANT Efficient management Dynamic adaptation to user’s changing conditions
    6. 6. OASIS NUTRITIONAL ADVISOR MAIN FEATURESWHAT Application for the kitchen that helps older people in their daily nutritional needs. Application for the nutritionists that manages the elderly nutrition.HOW Creating and providing direct at home user-specific nutritional menus and advises, while helping them with tools for cooking and shopping.WHERE Touch PC placed in the kitchen and a mobile device for outdoors. Nutritional content is remotelly managed by nutritionists.
    7. 7. Weekly menus According to the user’s nutritional profile: likes & dislikes, food alergies and health status.Nutritional tips Depending on the user’s personal situation and needs, such as ‘Remember to take your pills after eating’. Shopping lists Created on the basis of the suggested weely menu: the list can be printed or sent to the mobile phone Easy recipes With nutritional values and instructions for cooking the meals.Interoperability Enhanced experienced by using external services.
    8. 8. What is OASIS? Two main objectives:• 7th FP European project that pursuits the autonomy of the elderly bycreating applications that assist them in daily life processes: ie: nutritionaladvisor service, health monitoring & activity coach.• Focused on developing a platform that allows the interoperability andcontent sharing between systems, so a certain service can be enriched byfunctionalities offered by other applications. Daily Life Applications - In OASIS, the Nutritional Advisor Nutrition Activity service, based on PERSONA’s NA, is Health games Brain interconnected with other services, physical activity management and health aspects to provide a better management INTEROPERABILITY & CONTENT SHARING of the general condition of the elderly. - PLATFORM
    9. 9. Questionnaires & surveys in electronic Nutritional Profile format Social General Info Condition Physical Likes/Dislikes Condition Psychical Health Status condition Allergies Economical Cultural habits Condition ExerciseContext Information from other OASIS Services Health Activity Environment Social Agenda Monitoring Coach Control CommunitiesBiomedical Consumed Eating Sharing recipes Eating with…parameters kcal/week compliance
    10. 10. Allergie {fish} Dislike{cheese} selection of meals Distribution ofmeals and food and food tailored meals and foodDB filtering with to user’s needs by days/meals & user’s profile and preferences kcal adjustment
    11. 11. User’s NutritionalNutritionist creates a Sends it to the Profile & othermessage/advise or Adds the local application at services works asselects one existing triggering rules user’s home the trigger Triggering Rule Advise •Appear only if: “Today is Temperature > really hot, do 30º not forget to • Alignment with drink water Public Health frequently! Policies. •At user’s lunch Health •Before meals Monitoring Environment Control. T=34º
    12. 12. •Test functional prototypes withelderly users.•Analysis of users’ feedback•Slightly different results dependingon users’ age, gender, IT knowledgeand cultural background.•Refinement of prototypes•Adaptation of GUI depending onuser’s profile: age, visionimpairments..
    13. 13. 23 users 10, >759, [65, 75]4, [55, 65] Results are represented with a scoring scale of 5 points: (1 –Totally disagree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Neutral, 4 – Agree, 5 – Totally agree)
    14. 14. Proposes Helps Fosters the user’s Facilitates Helps thefood and cooking independency, quality the user to makehabits with easy of life and overall shopping the righttailored to instructions status. habits with decissionselderly user different aboutneeds. tools. nutrition
    15. 15.  The results show the potential of ICT technology to support nutrition assessment. The nutritional management indications were well accepted by elderly. Nutritionists enjoyed using the tool. Tests are currently in progress in pilot sites in Bulgaria, Romania and Italy with 30 people. The social and cultural components of food and nutrition opens new opportunities and needs for further research on this domain.
    16. 16. THANK YOU!
    17. 17. Héctor Galán Martíhecgamar@itaca.upv.es ITACA-TSB www.tsb.upv.es
    18. 18.  Complete tool to manage patient’s nutritional information. The nutritionist is able to manage:  Patient’s profile  Weekly menus  Questionnaires  Advices