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Lecture On Environment


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Lecture On Environment

  1. 1. Chapter 16Environment andClimate Change
  2. 2. Emergence of Environmental Awareness• Smog• Acid Rain• Climate change is central to debates – Global warming – Greenhouse gases – Carbon dioxide
  3. 3. Federalism and the Environment• US policies in the 1970s – EPA – Clean Air Act – Clean Water Act
  4. 4. Federalism and the Environment• State response – Varied • Financial costs • Political costs • Skepticism • Political culture• Result is uncoordinated response to environmental problems
  5. 5. Vehicle Emissions Regulation• Vehicle regulation – Tailpipe emissions – Fran Pavley – Massachusetts v. EPA – Federal emissions standards
  6. 6. Other Vehicle Regulations• VMT• Congestion pricing• Gas taxes
  7. 7. Cap and Trade• 1990 Clean Air Act – Sulfur dioxide• AB 32 – Greenhouse gases• “Cap and tax”
  8. 8. Renewable Energy/Coal• Renewable energy portfolios• Regional challenges• Coal plant cutbacks
  9. 9. Land Use• Sprawl• Zoning laws• CA’s SB 375• New Urbanism and Miami 21
  10. 10. Green Building/Green Jobs• Building codes – LEED• Weatherization• Adaptation• New jobs, green jobs – How many? – Debate: about jobs or the environment?
  11. 11. Conclusion• Public skepticism• Partisan divide• International cooperation• Federal inaction• States and localities as first responders