Cloud + Big Data = Sustainability //William A Tanenbaum Kaye Scholer LLP


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Companies are adopting cleantech for business not regulatory reasons to save costs and increase competitiveness.

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  • Iceberg analogy
  • Cloud is appropriate business model
  • Cloud + Big Data = Sustainability //William A Tanenbaum Kaye Scholer LLP

    1. 1. Cloud + Big Data =Sustainability William A. Tanenbaum Chair, IP, Technology and Outsourcing Group Chair, GreenTech and Sustainability Group Kaye Scholer LLP New York and Palo Alto Offices1 60888294 Copyright © 2012 by William A. Tanenbaum. All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Role of IT and Outsourcing• Companies are becoming sustainable whether or not regulations are enacted• Applies to supply chain• CSR to CFR is key business marker• Sustainability is enabled by IT• What is the role of outsourcing?• Who will the outsourcing providers be?• Why is the outsourcing model business-appropriate? 2 60888294
    3. 3. Why Cloud? Why Big Data?• What business requirements do they meet: – Capture data – Generate sustainability reports and proof of compliance – Transparent and verifiable reporting – Allow use historical data to improve future performance – Allow use historical data to define future SLAs and pricing models 3 60888294
    4. 4. Big Data• What is Big Data? The 3 “V’s” – Volume – Velocity – Variety• Use in Company’s internal operations – Across divisions• Use in Company’s supply chain – Different products and services – Different geographic areas• Handles different computer systems 4 60888294
    5. 5. Cloud Computing• What is different about Cloud Computing?• Cloud vs. IT Outsourcing• Prediction: “Cloud of Clouds” will emerge – Solves silo problems• How Cloud enables Big Data• . . . and sustainability• Property management as a illustrative hypothetical 5 60888294
    6. 6. Making it Work: Outsourcing andLicensing• Layers of data flows in the sustainability ecosystem• Leads to layers of IP and IT licensing requirements• Controlling downstream use and upstream reporting• Using trade secrets as a defensive weapon 6 60888294
    7. 7. Social Media May Be Your Supply Chain• Social Media – which of the 3 Vs?• Social Media may be your crowd-sourced watch-dog• If it is here, how do you manage it? 7 60888294
    8. 8. Questions and AnswersWilliam A. Tanenbaum Chair, IP, Technology and Outsourcing Group Chair, GreenTech and Sustainability Group Kaye Scholer LLP, New York and Palo Alto (not admitted in California) 212-836-7661 LinkedIn: 8 60888294
    9. 9. William A. Tanenbaumwtanenbaum@kayescholer.comWilliam A. Tanenbaum is the international chair of Kaye Scholer LLP’s Technology,Intellectual Property & Outsourcing Group and its GreenTech & Sustainability Groupand works in the firm’s New York and Palo Alto offices. He was named as “Lawyer ofthe Year 2013” for Information Technology Law in New York by election of his peersin research conducted by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers in America.Legal researcher Chambers ranked him in Band One in New York its survey ofclients and peers found that he “built one of New York City’s most outstandingtransactional IT practices;” that he “brings extreme integrity, a deep intellect,fearlessness and a practical, world-wide mindset to every problem;” that he is“efficient, solution driven and make excellent judgment calls” and that he is “anacknowledged expert on the convergence of mainstream business with cleantech;”Legal500 says he is a “high-tech specialist” and “an outstanding attorney with a deepknowledge and understanding of technology.” IAM Patent 1000 found he is“recognized as a thought leader across the spectrum of IT and IP transactions.” He isPast President of the International Technology Law Association, and a VicePresident of the Metro NYSIM, the Society of Information Management which is anassociation for CIOs, CTOs and senior IT executives. He chair or co-chairs legalconferences on Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Sustainability. 9 60888294