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Iams so a_2010

  1. 1. Society of Archivists’ Annual Conference 2010: We are what we keep: challenging tradition in appraisal and acquisition Integrating and developing services in a digital world: appraisal, acquisition and access at the British Library
  2. 2. Integrated Archives and Manuscripts System Project - IAMS deliver a powerful, flexible integrated cataloguing and resource discovery system that will unite and broaden access to the British Library’s archives and manuscript collections and will provide standards compliant data for external co-operative projects IAMS project running for 3 years – so an interim report! Achievements:  Business:  systems integration  process and workflow  management reporting  User:  single point of access
  3. 3. IAMS Catalogue Single catalogue developed in- house went live July 2009!  from 40 different systems to one for archives and manuscripts  data migration in progress – aim 1 million records by March 2011  from many different data structures and cataloguing practices to one system based on ICA Descriptive Framework and new cataloguing guidelines  Bringing together process, workflow and reporting for 6 collection areas Picture of IAMS
  4. 4. Search Our Catalogue Archives and Manuscripts - SOCAM First-cut of resource discovery interface developed October 2009:  One point of access to information about all the Library’s archive and manuscript collections  Up to date functionality: faceted refinement of results, and user tagging, bookmarking and commenting  System undergone extensive formal and informal testing; new release expected early 2011 Picture of IAMS Available at http://searcharchives.bl.uk/
  5. 5. IAMS: Innovative Data Model Archive Institutions held by Persons, Families, Corporate Bodies created by Archives & Manuscripts Places, Concepts, Things & Events have subjects Projects & collections acquired and funded by
  6. 6. IAMS: Innovative Data Model In-house development of data model allows us to meet needs:  Description of overarching collections and projects allows integration of different collection types and full acquisition and funding context to be represented  Flexible interpretation of standards especially ISAD(G):  greater granularity in the hierarchy with allows description and access of e-resources  Additional data elements for accurate temporal context and relationship of manuscript works to published versions
  7. 7. Challenges Ahead While progress still need to:  Enable automated ordering for users  Enable users access to born-digital and digitised versions of material by integration with digital library systems  Develop standards based data exchange to allow  sharing with federated catalogues internally, nationally and internationally  Re-use of our rich contextual data in world of semantic web
  8. 8. Contacts Lynda Barraclough: Jeremy John: Bill Stockting: Catalogue Integration Manager - william.stockting@bl.uk