Epug uki 2012


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Epug uki 2012

  1. 1. Using Primo for Metadata from the Integrated Archives and Manuscripts System (IAMS): Experience and Issues Bill Stockting: EPUG-UKI Conference: British Library, 15 October 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Today:  An archivist’s view rather than one from a technical background  Some brief context:  BL’s archives and manuscript collections  Catalogued in the Integrated Archives and Manuscript System – IAMS  Look at our separate PRIMO instance Search our Catalogue, Archives and Manuscripts – SoCAM – by demonstration:  What we’ve done  Issues
  3. 3. Archives and Manuscript Collections Extensive collections of unique archives and manuscripts:  Manuscripts: Western, Oriental and Music  Records of East India Company and its successors, and related private papers and manuscripts  Digitised collections from the Endangered Archives Programme (EAP)  British Library Corporate Archive
  4. 4. Cataloguing IAMS:  Bespoke system developed internally to deal with our heterogeneous collections  Latest thinking in data modelling taken into account  System live in July 2009  Key legacy catalogues migrated  2 million records  Data published to separate PRIMO instance
  5. 5. IAMS: Data Model Archive Institutions held by Persons, Families, Corporate Bodies created by Archives & Manuscripts Places, Concepts, Things, Events &, Titles have subjects Projects & collections catalogued and digitised by
  6. 6. User requirements  Implicit in the thinking behind the data model then is that users of this material need to understand the context of its creation and use: only then can the information contained in the material be used as evidence!  In which case we need a public system that satisfies all of the user requirements found in FRBR not just:  Find  Identify  Select  Obtain  But also:  Navigate!
  7. 7. Search our Catalogue, Archives and Manuscripts: SOCAM http://searcharchives.bl.uk/primo_library
  8. 8. SOCAM: Search
  9. 9. SOCAM: Find and Identify
  10. 10. SOCAM: Select
  11. 11. SOCAM: Navigate – Collection Hierarchy
  12. 12. SOCAM: Navigate – Collection Hierarchy
  13. 13. SOCAM: Navigate – Archives/Manuscripts and People Entities
  14. 14. SOCAM: Navigate – Archives/Manuscripts and People Entities
  15. 15. SOCAM: Navigate – Archives/Manuscripts and People Entities
  16. 16. …and Finally!  So PRIMO good at find, identify, select, and obtain but not so good at navigate!  Next steps to investigate:  developing a hierarchical and/or finding aid view  merging the archives and manuscripts data with the Library’s main PRIMO catalogue – Explore the British Library  Please look at our system – feedback appreciated  Thank you!
  17. 17. Any Questions? Bill Stockting S&C Cataloguing Systems and Processing Manager william.stockting@bl.uk