AUPs & Filtering - What should we be doing?


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For the Tech & Learning Forum in Tarrytown, NY 2010. To address questions about how to deal with questions relating to acceptable use policies and filtering in school. Part of a three presenter panel on the topic/

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  • Question: How do you interpret CIPA and what do you think you are legally required (by federal, state or local regulations) to block?
    Unclear, open to interpretation, provides a set of guidelines
    Tied to funding
  • Question: Are there additional things you block/filter and, if so, what and why? Does the criteria differ based on the age of the users?
    Where to you want to spend your time, money and effort
    Not having different rules for different users.
    Don’t open the same things on all campus...

  • Question: What have you chosen NOT to block and why?
    You don’t need to give up knowing
    backend monitoring
  • Question: What have you chosen NOT to block and why?
    Teachable moment... about preparing for kids for the world in which they will live and work
  • Need a combination of these things to function
  • Question: What tools do you use for filtering/blocking when you do it, and how do you build in flexibility?
    Open source tool.
    Block vs Flag
    HelpDesk system for request and review process.
  • Question: How has your AUP evolved (both rules and consequences) in response to Web 2.0 and social networking?
    More of an evolution due to our 1:1 program
    Look at social media as a tool, much like software
    Have to be concerned about the Terms of Use for each piece of site.

  • Question: What sort of instruction do students have in safety and digital citizenship (how much time? what grades? taught by whom?)
    Media Literacy - Library
    Advisor groups
    In the context of class
  • Question: What has been the overall impact of your policy around filtering and blocking? What evidence do you have that it’s working? How would you advise others who are thinking of doing the same?
    People are working, teaching and learning.
    No complaints
    Reporting and flagging helps guide conversations

  • AUPs & Filtering - What should we be doing?

    1. 1. AUPsshould we be doing? What & Filtering
    2. 2. CIPA?? • Block or filter pictures? • Monitor? • Access? • Inappropriate material • Direct Communications • Hacking • Personal Information • Harmful Material
    3. 3. Arms Race
    4. 4. Filtering • Blocking vs Flagging • Reporting
    5. 5. It’s about teaching
    6. 6. Policies, Guidelines & Tools
    7. 7. Tools to Use
    8. 8. AUP Evolution
    9. 9. Instruction
    10. 10. Evidence
    11. 11. William Stites Director of Technology The Montclair Kimberley Academy Twitter: @wstites Blog: Blogger in Chief