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Powerpoint over hostage crisis


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Published in: News & Politics, Spiritual
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Powerpoint over hostage crisis

  1. 1. Iranian Hostage CrisisBy: Will Statton
  2. 2. Setting• Occurred between 1979 to 1981• Took place at the American embassy andmany prisons around Tehran, Iran• Took place right after Iranian Revolution
  3. 3. • Iranian students following the imam’s line• Ayatollah Khomeini• Ronald Reagan• President Jimmy Carter• The Embassy staff• Many other Iran and American governmentpeopleMain People Involved
  4. 4. How it Began• At the American embassy it was another regular day.Demonstrations right outside the embassy that wereanti-American. This day ended up being far differentthough. Not long after the morning meeting Iranianstudents with cards of Khomeini were climbing overthe walls. Soon they would be flooding the embassy.
  5. 5. The Takeover• Soon after the embassy was taken over theAmericans were being interrogated as spies and werebeing beaten. When the ayatollah came out and saidhe supported the students the hostages knew thiswould be a long stay. When President Carter askedfor negotiating all the Iranians wanted was theformer Shah who was a dictator and stole from Iran.The shah had been admitted into the United Statesfor medical treatment.
  6. 6. Propaganda• The students who overtook the embassy told the restof the world that the hostages were being treatedwell and called the hostages their guests. Theytelevised religious celebrations such as Christmasand Easter, showing all the treats the hostages wereable to eat, but it was all just a lie. The Americantelevision stations really helped the Iranians deceivethe world, but many knew they were lying.
  7. 7. Carter’s Patience runs out• In April of 1980 Carter refused to agree with theIranians conditions and decided to approve ofmilitary action. A hand picked squad would go intoIran, land outside of Tehran, fly a few blocks awayfrom the embassy and save the hostages. Themission failed very bad as expected due to helicopterbreakdowns. Also with no visibility in the air becauseof dust a helicopter hit a plane that was about totakeoff resulting in eight deaths.
  8. 8. Result of Attack• Soon after the attack, guards were at high alert andthe hostages were moved all across Iran to variousprisons. This made it impossible for any militaryaction to save the hostages.
  9. 9. Release of the Hostages• Once the Shah died and Iran’s requests inexchange for the hostages were outrageousAmerica didn’t have much hope. Then, there wasa breakthrough. Iraq was attacking Iran, but sinceall ties were cut of between Iran and the UnitedStates, Iran didn’t have many militaries weaponsand supplies. Iran needed these so eventuallyafter 444 days the hostages were flown back toAmerican with the Agreement that Americawouldn’t ignore Iran and would unfreeze all theIranian money in America banks.
  10. 10. Release
  11. 11. Hostages Return• Finally in the very last minutes of PresidentCarter’s administration and during theinaugural address of President Ronald Reaganafter four hundred and forty four days thehostages were returned back to America in1981.