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About the IC


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About the IC

  1. 1. The Reply…
  2. 2. The Actual Drawing
  3. 3. Today’s Entrepreneur “Technician” “Business Owner ” Owning Specific Owning and Expertise / Skills Operating a Business
  4. 4. The Reality Today’s entrepreneur is not always well-equipped with business ownership & business management skills
  5. 5. Our Mission To support and accelerate the creation of successful emerging companies in order to improve the economy of Muncie and East Central Indiana.
  6. 6. The Incubator Concept
  7. 7. History of the Innovation Connector
  8. 8. Facility Features
  9. 9. More than just office space
  10. 10. Bridging the Gap
  11. 11. Gateway to Entrepreneurship
  12. 12. How You Can Help• Be an advocate• Refer others• Rent our conference / training rooms• Support our client businesses