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  1. 1. William J. Spreitzer SCJP<br />Skokie, IL 60077<br />(224)234-3453<br /><br />SUMMARY<br />Highly motivated Java and C# Software Developer / Programmer with experience using object oriented design techniques and programming languages, including Microsoft .NET Technologies.<br />Designed and developed complex web pages using J2EE technologies. Demonstrated leadership abilities and team work skills as well as ability to accomplish tasks under minimal direction and supervision.<br />CERTIFICATIONS<br />CX-310-055 Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4<br />TECHNICAL SKILLS<br />PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: <br />Java 2, J2EE, Swing, Java Servlets, JavaBeans, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML/XSL, XHTML, SQL, PL/SQL, C, Perl, AJAX, C#, and Visual Basic.<br />.NET Skill Set:.NET Framework 2.0 and Common Type System, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET Class Libraries, Web Services, .NET Remoting, WSE 3.0<br />FRAMEWORKS:<br />Struts, Spring, Tiles, and IBATIS<br />DATABASES: Oracle 8i, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2008, and MySql<br />OPERATING SYSTEMS:<br />Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Macintosh<br />Web Servers: <br />Jakarta Tomcat 5.5, Websphere, Web Logic, IIS, and Apache Web Server<br />SOFTWARE:<br />Rational Functional Tester, Rational Application Developer, SQL*PLUS, BDK2.0, Notepad, WebLogic 8.6, Eclipse, EditPlus2, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, Subversion, CVS, Toad, Heat, Clearcase, Clearquest, and Jacada WorkSpace<br />SetFocus, LLCSkokie, IL September / 09 – December / 09<br />.NET Master’s Program<br /><ul><li>Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing object–oriented programming concepts such as: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction.
  2. 2. Used C# and ADO.NET to define and implement secure middle-tier components using both connected and disconnected environment strategies.  Components were consumed by web applications and windows applications utilizing SQL Server and stored procedures to perform logical business transactions.
  3. 3. Created and deployed XML Web Services using ASP.NET and Web Services Enhancements (WSE).  Consumed Web Services from both Windows forms and ASP.NET web applications.
  4. 4. Created complex business components in C# using .NET Class Library assemblies while migrating and implementing them in a multi-tier environment suitable for .NET Remoting, XML Web Services, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and COM+ to address application infrastructure issues associated with building scalable enterprise level applications used by many clients.
  5. 5. Developed a Windows n-tiered “Public Library Management System” application and then ported the application to a dynamic ASP.NET Internet/Intranet model utilizing the same secure middle tier data access components.  Non-public web pages were secured using Windows integrated and ASP.NET forms security models.</li></ul>Created Deployment projects for .NET applications using Microsoft’s MSI packages. <br />PrOFESSIONAL Experience<br />Freelance Work, Skokie, Illinois<br />Developer, May 2008 – Present<br />Designed and maintained database<br />Created dynamic web pages using Servlets, Tiles, and Struts<br />Connected to a MySql database using IBATIS<br />Wrote SQL scripts to connect, retrieve, and update a MySql database<br />Set up windows / email accounts for new users<br />Used Apache Tiles for consistent look and feel<br />Developed Swing database maintenance application<br />Created a chat room application for employees to contact home office<br />Barbeau Enterprises, Elgin, Illinois<br />Contract for Harris Bank<br />Technical Specialist/Lead, March 2010 – Present<br /><ul><li>Backed up files to server
  6. 6. Imaged new laptops
  7. 7. Trouble shot restore errors
  8. 8. Set up Network Printers</li></ul>Barbeau Enterprises, Elgin, Illinois<br />Contract for Chase Banks<br />Technical Specialist/Floor Lead, February 2006 – Present<br />Ghosted over 200 user platforms, re-imaged the hard drives, and then used Radia to restore user files<br />Troubleshot restore errors<br />Installed systems, platforms and UPS<br />Decommissioned over 200 workstations<br />Installed over 25 new servers<br />Installed over 100 printers<br />Took digital pictures of branch locations for new equipment<br />Accenture Technology Solutions, Chicago, Illinois<br />Associate Software Engineer/Team Lead, February 2007 – May 2008<br />Embarq, Overland Park, Kansas<br />JSP Developer, February 2008 – May 2008<br />Created corporate portal using BEA WebLogic 8.6<br />Trained new team members on project standards <br />Cross trained .NET team on Java technologies<br />Created a customized front end for a Jacada Workspace Application<br />Used Subversion for version control<br />Illinois Department of Employment Securities, Chicago, Illinois<br />Developer, August 2007 – December 2007<br />Created unit tests using JUnit<br />Created dynamic web pages using the Tiles Framework<br />Created dynamic pages using Servlets.<br />Connected to Oracle database via IBATIS<br />Wrote SQL scripts to connect, retrieve, and update a Oracle database<br />Set up accounts for new users<br />Used CVS as version control<br />Developed 3-tiered web application using the Spring and Struts frameworks<br />AC Nielsen, Schaumburg, Illinois<br />Tester / Developer, April 2007 – August 2007<br />Created Regression Test Scripts using Rational Functional Tester<br />Updated web pages per client requests<br />Fixed bugs found from test scripts<br />Accenture HR Department, Chicago, Illinois<br />Developer, February 2007 – March 2007<br />Led a team of seven in the development of HR web application<br />Acted as Java lead on front end development and web development projects<br />Experienced in all phases of the SDLC<br />EDUCATION<br />The Chubb Institute, Chicago, IL <br />Web Development and Business Programming DiplomaGPA 3.42<br />Kaplan University, Des Moines, IASeptember 2008 – Present<br />BSIT - Programming<br />