Storyboard Rubric for Photostory


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Storyboard Rubric for Photostory

  1. 1. Early Global Studies Photo-Story Project Rubric Grade 9 Student Name _________________________________ Topic _________________________ SOCIAL STUDIES CONTENT 0-5 points 6-10 points 11-15 points ScoreDevelopment of a Thesis is unclear, not Thesis is somewhat clear, Thesis is clear, persuasive andPosition on a persuasive and supported persuasive and sometimes strongly supported byHistorical Event or by little or no historical supported by historical historical evidenceIssue evidence evidenceAccuracy of Much of the content was Some content was inaccurate, Content was accurate, clearHistorical Content inaccurate, unclear and unclear and not presented in and presented in the correct not presented in the the correct sequence sequence correct sequence 0-2 points 3-7 points 8-10 pointsUnderstanding of Student did not respond Student responded Student respondedHistorical Content knowledgably to follow- knowledgably to some of the knowledgably to follow-upand Concepts up questions follow-up questions questions SOCIAL STUDIES & INFORMATION SKILLS 0-5 points 6-10 points 11-15 points ScoreSelection and Use of Student selected and used Student selected and used a Student selected and used theRelevant Sources few or no relevant more limited number and recommended number and sources. types of relevant sources types of relevant sourcesOrganization of Student extracted limited Student extracted information Student extracted informationInformation to no information and did and somewhat organized their and organized their notes, with little to organize notes or notes, with some detail to significant detail to develop a include detail develop a thesis thesis 0-1 points 2-3 points 4-5 pointsResponsible and Copyright/Fair Use Copyright/Fair Use guidelines Copyright/Fair Use guidelinesEthical Use of guidelines were not were followed for most of the were followed throughout theInformation followed; student presentation; student included presentation; student included included few or no some appropriate citations all appropriate citations appropriate citations TECHNOLOGY SKILLS 0-1 points 2-3 points 4-5 points ScoreGraphics/Images Few or no appropriate Some appropriate Appropriate graphics/images graphics/images were graphics/images were selected were selected to effectively selected to establish tone to establish tone and portray establish tone and accurately and portray content content portray contentNarration Delivery was not clear or Delivery was somewhat clear Delivery was clear and fluent fluent and fluentMusic Appropriate music was Music was acceptable but did Music was appropriate and(If expected.) not used not add to the tone and content enhanced the tone and contentText Little or no text that was Some text that was included All text that was included on(If expected.) included on slides was on slides was readable and slides was readable with readable or correct correct correct spelling and grammarDuration Project was more than :30 Project was within :30 of the Project was within requested below or above requested desired duration; Photo Story range and appropriate content time duration seemed “padded” with unclear was used in a clear content/sequences presentation.Creativity Student followed basic Student demonstrated at least Student included several design with no creative one creative element creative elements elements TOTAL SCORE Performance Level (Please check one) _____ Advanced: 90-100 _____ Proficient: 80-89 _____ Developing: 70-79 _____ Basic: 60-69 _____ Below Basic: Below 60